Friday, May 4, 2012

It's (not) summer, y'all!

It may not officially be summer yet, but y'all, summer is here. These pictures are from one day last week. The end of April. Just over one month in to spring. It was 90 degrees at 7pm! Summer is here.
Luke was mowing the yard. Again. The grass just insists on growing.

I was trying to get MK to cooperate for a few pictures in front of the setting sun, but I traded her cooperation for a few sweet moments on a warm (not) summer evening in the front yard.
She danced and sang and cheered Daddy on.
My favorite was "This little light of mine".

Then a spider crawled on the blanket.

"OH MY GOODNESS MOMMY!! It's a SPIDER! Eww!!!" Followed by this face. She's a little dramatic. (I'm not pointing any fingers but her daddy was in theater in high school).
Once I convinced her the spider was gone she insisted on a game of hide and seek.

I thought I lost her for a minute.

The look of complete surprise on her face leads me to believe that she may have actually thought I couldn't find her.

It was a perfectly peaceful hour in the front yard with my favorite girl. Perfect.

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