Sunday, July 31, 2011

"my feet are dirty"

"My feet are dirty!" And that was the end of that spontaneous, on the way home from church, sunset photo shoot!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why you shouldn't wear a white dress to the country...

An evening of spotting your first rainbow, running wild in the "yard", eating your first taste of Cheetos and homemade peach ice cream, chasing bubbles and more left your pure white dress a bit on the dirty side. Each little spot of dirt and grime was well worth every memory (plus it's nothing a little bleach couldn't fix). You always have so much fun at the Presley's in Martin's Mill and we are so thankful for their presence in our life!

Love you baby girl,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

MK's first guitar!!

This is how things go down around our house when it comes to gift giving:

Luke: We should buy MK a guitar.
Me: Awesome idea. Let's get it for her birthday.

Luke immediately sits down with the iPad to do a little research.

Luke: I found one.
Me: Awesome and I have an Amazon giftcard.

10 minutes later it's ordered and on it's way with free expedited shipping.

Me: We are going to wait and give it to her for her birthday, right?
Luke: Like that will ever happen with you.
Me: I can wait. Can you wait?
Luke: Yes.

Four days later I call Luke at work to tell him the guitar arrived. I could tell he was a little giddy. Being the musician in the family, this is something that I know he's looked forward to long before we were even prego.

Immediately when he go home he went to open the box. Then we both gave each other the "we aren't actually going to wait until September to give it to her" look and Luke gets it tuned and ready to give to her.
Madelyn was happily playing with macaroni and cheese and eating her Play-doh playing with Play-doh and eating her macaroni and cheese. We told her we had a surprise for her and of course she looked up with curious little eyes.
And then (this is my favorite part) as Luke hands it to her he says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". Haha!
That's the way we do it around here. If we buy a gift even two weeks early, we can't hold on to it! I just thought it was funny that he added that in there despite the fact that her birthday is TWO months away!
She LOVES it. We love that she loves it. Immediately she wanted to "go stairs guitar Daddy!" (translation: go upstairs to play guitars with Daddy) since that's where she goes with him when he is playing his guitar!
I know these two will love making music together for many years to come.
She's definitely one proud little girl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happy Wednesday

Madelyn and I spent the morning running errands with Grandma (she actually took the day off...hardest worker I know) and Aunt Rachel. We hit up a store that was having a "buy one get two free sale". Madelyn got three super sweet dresses.
 It was fun and of course included some Don Juan's for lunch. Madelyn loves avocados but not more than she loves Grandma!
After Don Juans MK was so sleepy that she and I just stayed in the car.
It was such a fun morning.

This afternoon I got the chance to take pictures of a sweet friend's family of four. Baby Eden is a doll and I can't wait to go through all the pictures.

Definitely a happy Wednesday all around.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MK and Everett

A friend that I grew up with (and Luke knew in high school) and her sweet family came over for dinner tonight. Their oldest son, Everett and Madelyn had so much fun playing together. They have a precious six month old named Jackson too but I forgot to take his picture.

The big kids played ring-around-the-rosie over and over again while the adults sang and clapped for them (what can I say? we're a rowdy crew).

It's always great to be in the company of old friends! I think my favorite part of the night was when Jessica looked out the window, saw a cat and asked, "Kathryn, you have a cat?!". That is definitely the sign of someone who knows me well. Cats and I are not exactly friends but we have a stray (that's been around for about 6 years-ha!) that we feed. It just made me laugh though.
After all the ring-around-the-rosie two toddlers could handle, we went outside to let them ride the four wheeler and golf cart. Everett is definitely a much better driver!

He's almost a year older so maybe there is hope for Madelyn's steering skills.
Hopefully we will get these two together more often! Madelyn loved hanging out with Everett!

Monday, July 25, 2011

fun with Daddy

You sure have one fun daddy! He has had a jam packed summer with the students so he took off work and wanted to do some fun things with you today. At the top of his list was Chuck-E-Cheese!
We had all had a blast.
Let it be known that even though Daddy tried to cheat (cheating is bad) in order to beat Mommy at the water blast game, I still won both times.
 You bounced from game to game so fast we could hardly keep up.

You are one blessed little girl to have such an awesome Daddy!

Love you,

jumpin' jacks with Em

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