Saturday, July 16, 2011

documenting the big girl bed

 The night of July fourth, Luke put Madelyn to bed. I can't remember exactly what I was doing but I do remember walking out in to the living room and noticing that Madelyn and Luke were not in there. I asked his dad where they were. "He's putting Madelyn to sleep".

I knew they weren't in our room (where Madelyn has slept with us since birth), so that only left one other option...her big girl bed in her room!

My first thought was pretty negative. Great...I'm going to be the one that has to get up 100 times when she cries out scared.

BUT, I was so wrong. She slept all night and didn't wake up until after 9am!

When she did wake up, she was the happiest little girl you've ever met.

Since then, she's been sleeping in her bed for bedtime and naps. Stripes (her sock monkey), Elie the Elephant and Monkey all keep her company and she makes sure they are with her before she climbs in bed. The first couple of nights, we laid in there with her until she fell asleep. I think it was more for us than it was for her. We would be laying on the floor next to the bed and over the rail her stuffed animals would come flying. I felt like I was living out a scene from Jurassic Park when the elephant would unexpectedly be tossed from the edge. Now, we just say our prayers, give some kisses, leave the room and within five to ten minutes of chattering she is off to dream land. Some nights she doesn't even chatter.

It is incredible to me that this transition has been so easy for her. Luke and I didn't sleep at all for days and still sleep much lighter than before, but it's getting better. 

Our baby girl is getting so big. I'm sure Grandma is relieved that the big, beautiful crib she bought for Madelyn is finally getting some use! Haha!

Honestly, neither of us would change the fact that Madelyn slept in our room. I often find it humorous when sleeping would come up in conversation with other mothers (or even here on my blog) just how many people used it as a launching pad to attack. "Ooohhh. She sleeps with you." If there is one thing that I have learned in this journey of parenting so far, it's that most people want to be good parents. Most people want to do good. All too often we think that if things aren't done the way we would do them then they aren't right and it's OK to pass judgment and condemnation. That being said, we wouldn't take back the last (almost) two years of Madelyn being in our room. It worked for us. Some nights it may have even kept her alive.

Now, we've entered new territory for our family of three. So far, it's been unbelievably easy. Next she will be off to kindergarten!


  1. Great post. My daughter still sleeps with us too after nearly two years. We are thinking about transitioning her to her own bed soon though. It is so true that people are quick to pass judgement just because it's not the way they would do it themselves. It's a hard enough world out there to be a parent, attacking someone over parenting styles isn't necessary nor does it set a good example for their own children. I think you are a fantastic mother!

  2. No condemnation from me! All three of our kids slept with us off & on for the first several years of their lives. Even during the years they were sleeping in their own beds, it wasn't uncommon for them to end up in bed with us before morning. And I loved it!!! In fact, I LOVE when one of them comes & crawls into bed with us even 10, 11 & nearly 15! It's QUITE rare these days, but once in a while I still get some middle of the night snuggles. Follow your instincts & don't take any crap from anyone about it! LOL! :)


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