Tuesday, July 19, 2011

zoo day

Our day at the zoo, bullet style:
  • Emily came with us
  • It was a "cool" 94 degrees when we got there
  • It was 99 three hours later when we left
  • Toddlers take about 5 steps for every one adult step
  • When toddlers walk, you get to see about 1/4 of the zoo in the same time as you would the whole zoo if they were riding in their stroller
  • The zoo in Texas in July is fun for about 45 minutes
  • We made it fun for three hours
  • Madelyn loved naming all the animals
  • Her excitement was worth feeling like we were in an Indian Sweat Lodge
  • Emily is a fantastic big cousin and a smart little girl
  • The gift shop actually has really reasonably priced items
  • Neither girls loved the bird exhibit
  • Maybe that means we won't have to go in there again
Despite the fun we had, we may wait until September to go back :)

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