Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve

Today Madelyn turned 14 weeks. 14 weeks. The transition from 13 to 14 weeks held one very noteworthy change...Madelyn slept through the night in her nap nanny for the first time and has continued to all week long!! Before that, she slept in my arms in the recliner in our living room and woke up once (sometimes twice) to nurse. We are so proud of her. I am not sure if Luke is more proud of her or of freaked me out to lay down and fall asleep because I was afraid something would happen and I would sleep through it. I have surprised even myself with how well it's all gone.

This morning some sweet friends, Courtney and Kristin, stopped by to see Madelyn and catch up for a bit. The last time Courtney saw Madelyn she was in the special care nursery at ETMC under the oxyhood. She's definitely grown since then. ((One more pound and Madelyn will have doubled her birth weight!)) Luke and I wouldn't mind if Madelyn picked up Courtney's passion for people and Kristin's beautiful voice...just saying.
As always, it was so good to see them.

After they left, Madelyn got a personal serenade from her sweet daddy. She kept her eyes on him the whole time he played.
She was kicking her feet with the music. It was absolutely precious.This afternoon Madelyn and I took a long nap. It was great. I was completely wiped out and so was she so we really enjoyed the rest. I even slept longer than she did thanks to my hubby :)

Madelyn looked so cute in her little dress and black tights that I wanted to get some pictures with her before we went to see some friends then get dinner.
We didn't make any New Years Eve plans since we had not been feeling too good earlier in the week (not that we really make NYE plans very ofter anyways-ha!). We stopped by to see the Vrbas (who have supplied Madelyn with some super cute bows-including the leopard one she had on). Meagan and Luke grew up together, so we wanted her to see Madelyn while she was in town. Madelyn's probably grown 5 pounds since the last time they saw her!!
After that our plans changed a bit. Luke and I decided to pick up some movies and dinner to go from Texas Roadhouse. Considering it was our last meal of the decade, we thought we needed to make it a yummy one. Luke had chicken fried steak and I had a delicious chicken salad with a loaded sweet potato. It was perfect. What was your last meal of the decade??

We just finished dinner, are watching Four Christmases and hanging out with the baby girl. I doubt I will even make it to midnight and Luke doesn't look like he will either. We are party animals, I know. A baby changes everything!

Happy New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snap. Snap.

Luke bought me a new computer in March (or maybe it was April) shortly after we found out we were expecting. It had a 160 gb hard drive. There are 32.5 gbs of hard drive space available. That couldn't possibly have anything to do with how many pictures I take of the little princess, could it? I tell myself not to snap too many pics (if there is such a thing??) and to look for the good know, the ones of the "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" nature. Then Madelyn falls asleep in her bumbo seat. Snap. Or conks out in her bouncy seat with her purple lovey in her arms. Snap. And what do you think happens when she toots so loud she wakes herself up from her little cat nap in her bumbo seat? Snap. Snap. Then the munchkin looks down at her toes with delight as I sing, "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy..." and you guessed it. Snap.
So far I am sticking to my plan of snapping only the "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" ones...the problem is...she is always super cute (smiling OR not) and sweet as could be. There's no question about that. It's a fact.

I mean really, who wouldn't take a picture of this?? Snap.
It's pure sweetness if you asked me.

Needless to say, I have some "backing up" to do. Luke and I were discussing our options for this yesterday. Maybe an external hard drive with a terabyte of space? I remember a couple of years ago browsing through Best Buy and Luke showing me this "amazing, new external hard drive"-we laughed at the thought of that much space. Who could ever need that?? However, at this rate, Madelyn would only make it just past her second birthday before this click'n mom would fill that up too. Yikes. The thought of it kind of stresses me out considering how important pictures are to me. Looks like I

This morning, Madelyn and I woke up feeling a bit more chipper than the previous day. Still blah. Just not quite as blah as before. We took it easy around the house. She snoozed for most of the morning while I, in attempts to clean up the Christmas aftermath, made a big huge mess. Before our house had stuff all over the place. Now, I have successfully insured that every square inch is covered in something. Christmas boxes. Presents. Christmas dishes. Ornaments. Tree parts. Garland. Lights. Clean clothes. Dirty clothes. Centerpieces. Storage containers. Diapers. You name it-it's somewhere in our house-out of place-waiting for me to put it where it goes. Wouldn't want anything to feel left out, ya know?

Despite the mess I made (the day before I have company, mind you), I left my mess to be what it was this afternoon. My mom came by to watch Madelyn for me while I ran to Target to get my prescriptions from the pharmacy. Before I left, I had to snap-snap some pictures of Madelyn and my mom on Skype with her Great Grandma (MeeMaw Fee) in OKC.
That was definitely one of those "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" snap worthy moments, right? Technology is awesome.

After snapping a few pics, I went on my way to Target. I love that place. All of their Christmas decor is 50% off. I only bought a few things. I am going to try some new things on our tree next year. Maybe. If I am brave come next Christmas (or November actually since that is my usual tree decorating time). We shall see.

Tonight Madelyn got to meet another one of her many prayer warriors face-to-face for the first time. BJ was one of Luke's students in Martin's Mill. He goes to CCU now (which gave us a great excuse to make a quick-snowy-fun trip to Denver to visit him in April). It's been a blessing to watch him grow in to a man of God and call him a friend. I love days like this. Days when Madelyn gets to meet someone who anticipated her birth, was excited when she arrived, and faithfully covered her in prayer when things did not go as planned (our plan at least). It's just neat. Snap worthy? I'd say so. There is nothing sweeter to me than men doting over a baby. They lose all that rough and toughness...and smile like you have never seen them smile before. Luke does every single time he walks in the door these days. Straight to the baby with a big 'ol grin on his face! Snap. Snap.
It was great to sit back, catch up and drink some coffee (they drank coffee-I drank water-irrelevant-I know). You know those moments when you can clearly see that God is doing a mighty work in someone's life and you just get excited for them? I had one of those last night in listening to BJ talk about what he's learned this last semester and where he is headed in the future. Endless possibilities if one only has a willing spirit.It was waaaay past Madelyn's bed time, so she had to get into her pj's before saying goodbye. Madelyn can't wait to see you again, BJ. Maybe we will have to make a family trip to Colorado again sometime soon. Her view would be a little better this time, considering last time she was busy growing in my belly.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I believe, Help my unbelief

This morning when I walked in to the living room to feed Madelyn and glanced out the back windows, this was my view...Yesterday morning as I did the same thing, this was my view...There were 7 of them to be exact. God's creation, in it's beauty and splendor, greeting me "Good morning". Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. An ever-present reminder of His attention to detail.

Madelyn and I sounded pretty gross this morning. She was congested. I was congested. Our noses made noises that noses are not supposed to make. Yuck, I know. I felt a little bit better this morning than last night. Madelyn seemed to as well. I still called the doctor because of the sores in her mouth. They wanted to see her so we had to get busy with bath time...
The temperature kept dropping around here so it was really cold by lunch time; hence the post-bath double bundle action. It started sleeting right before we left. Naturally. Thankfully the ground was still too warm and the sleet became too sporadic for there to be any accumulation on the roads.

We made it to the doctor's office early (there's a first time for everything). First up, weigh in. Madelyn weighed a whopping 13 pounds 8 ounces with her clothes on. My guess is she is probably right at 13 pounds. She's a growing girl, that is for sure. Ears were perfect. Nasal passages looked good. No fever. Lungs sounded clear. As for those pesky bumps on her gums...just a couple of swollen spots on her gums. She definitely has a cold. The bumps don't have anything to do with the cold though. Considering she is eating OK and doesn't have a fever, we just wait out the cold. She is the cutest little sickly girl I have ever seen.
Right after I took the picture above, Madelyn sneezed and tooted simultaneously. I laughed. Luke laughed. I could hardly stop laughing. Madelyn pouted. She puffed out that bottom lip and pouted. Apparently she does not like being laughed at.
The pouty lip didn't last long, but neither did any smiles.
Right after this she spit up on me in a really big way. It made me so thankful that she does not spit up much (and that she never has spit up like this before). Apparently it's pretty common with reflux babies. Madelyn is anything but common. She has not done much by the books.

Earlier this evening we took a little family siesta. An unplanned siesta at like 7pm. We were all snoozing. Supposedly my mom called and I answered. "Bladhaba sha". I spoke gibberish. Ha. That's why it is not a good idea to answer the phone when you are asleep. Good thing it was Mom :) Now Luke and I are awake...but not so awake that we won't be able to go back to sleep. Madelyn is still asleep.

In fact, she is asleep in her Nap Nanny, hooked to her apnea monitor, with her baby monitor at her side in our room. We are in the living room. I can't believe she is in there and we are in here. I know that most people would have done this like the first month or so...but not in this house. However, she has not so much as made a peep. She is sleeping sweetly on her own. It feels so strange for her to be in another room. I know that it's a good thing. Just a little overwhelming for this anxious mom.

Jesus said to him, " 'If you can'! All things are possible for one who believes." Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, "I believe; help my unbelief!"
-Mark 9:23-24

I can relate. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

It seems so many times I say that I trust Him. That He is in control. That He is watching over my sweet baby girl. Yet time and time again I am surprised when He comes through. When she is protected and provided for in mighty ways. How foolish of me.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday & Monday

Yesterday morning I woke Madelyn up early to get some good play time in with Luke's parents before they had to leave. I was nervous she would be in bad mood since I have never woken her up before (I just let her wake up on her own), but she was just as happy as ever. She cooed and smiled before falling back asleep! It was sad to see them go, but hopefully we will get to see them again soon. I am not sure when we will be up for a 10 hour drive with the little one, so we are definitely thankful that Gigi and Papa don't mind coming to us!

I had great plans to begin the post-holiday-clean-up but instead Madelyn and I took a nap. We were tired and it was so good to hold her close and cuddle. If I had known that 3 nights ago that when we put Madelyn to sleep in her Nap Nanny that she would sleep through the night and not need me to hold her anymore to sleep, I would have cherished the night before so much more. It's kind of sad that I quite possibly won't hold her all night to sleep again.

Once we finally woke up from our nap, I wanted to get some pictures of Madelyn with all her Christmas presents-seeing as she won't remember them (and she slept through me opening them for her). This way some day down the road she can look back at what she got for her first Christmas. With some help from my mom, Maddie was grinning like crazy...
I love those cheeks. I can finally relate to all the "cheek pinchers" of the world. Those things are just so chunky and soft and plain adorable that my hand is just drawn right to them.
My goodness. Can we say rotten?? The good thing is, everything is something that we will be able to use throughout this year and beyond. Clothes to grow in to. Learning toys for when she gets older. Lots of books for us to read together. Golf clubs (real ones I might add) to play with Papa and lots more...some of which I will share about tomorrow (hopefully). Doesn't she look tickled? It's because she loves her goodies...each and every one of them.
Last night Madelyn and I decided we would join Luke at church. I had my sister take a picture of us as we were on our way out the door...
It was so good to be there. Everyone was so sweet and wanted to get a good look at Madelyn. Of course little Miss Macey (Madelyn's future babysitter as I call her) needed to hold her for a few minutes. She is pretty much a little natural holding her. So cute.
One of our church members who recently made the move to St. John's, New Foundland, Canada (where Luke and a team went on a mission trip this summer) was in town for Christmas. It was so good to see him. Here is Dennis holding Madelyn.
After heading to my parent's house after church to catch the Cowboy's game and eat dinner we came back to the house. Luke and Madelyn have settled in to a pretty good routine of reading the Jesus Storybook Bible together at night. Every single time I see this I am thankful to have a husband like Luke. I am blessed.
Today has been lazy. Madelyn slept through the night again. Pretty awesome! Other than that, neither one of us have felt very good. Madelyn has slept an unusual amount and has a couple little sores in her mouth that I am probably going to call the doctor about tomorrow. I am 98% positive I am getting one of my two annual sinus infections. Blah. I am so leery of taking anything for it while nursing, but I will more than likely ask the doc about that too. Hopefully tomorrow we wake up feeling a little better.

I took a few pics of her early this morning when we both still felt OK. Look how sweet she looks in that hat...

I put her in her exersauser for the first time this morning while we were up in her nursery. I was going to start boxing up her newborn clothes and then realized that both of us were on a down hill slope of not feeling well so we just headed back downstairs. Now looking at these pictures, I feel so bad I even put her in it. She looks worn out and pitiful...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I love these two.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Months

Maddie Kate,
On Christmas Eve you turned three months old. I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. I say that all the time, but it's only because I cherish every moment with you. This month has been a month of change and growth, triumphs and setbacks, tears and laughter...and I wouldn't change a thing (well I could have done without the last trip to the hospital...but so could you I bet). So what have you been up to this past month, Madelyn??
  • You weigh somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds. When we were in the hospital two weeks ago you weighed in at 12 pounds 1 I am thinking you are closer to 13 pounds now.
  • You wear 0-3 months clothes. I have tried a couple of 3-6 months outfits on you, but they mostly swallow you whole. I am sure that will change soon.
  • You wear size 1-2 diapers (thank goodness Sam's sells these). Ones are too small and twos are too big, but these fit you just right!
  • You have SO many expressions. This one has to be one of my favorites...
  • You smile constantly and your precious giggles and laughter are two things your daddy and I love to hear!
  • You are settling in to a pretty good routine (although we got a little off track the last couple of weeks-hospital visit-adjusting to wearing the apnea monitor at night-being busy with the holidays). You go to sleep some time around 9pm and wake up to feed around 2 or 3am then sleep until 7-8:30am. Sometimes you wake up more than that. Recently you have been falling asleep in your swing and sleeping in my arms after you eat. Last night you slept through the night in your nap nanny after we sat you in it while you were still awake! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! This was the first night for all of us to be in the bedroom since your reflux developed! It was so hard for me. I was awake most of the night watching you sleep...but I am so proud of you!!
  • Since you have been held for most of your life, you did not lose much of your hair. Lately you have been rubbing bald spots on the back of your head. Despite losing some hair, I clipped a bow directly in your hair for the first time the other day!!
  • You love to sit in your bumbo seat for about 15 minutes...then you get tired of holding your head up! Once that happens you start to look like a bobble-head doll so I take you out.
  • You sit in your reclining high chair at the table with us during dinner. Most of the time you just smile at us and jabber the whole time while other times you snooze through the whole thing. It is so neat to be able to have you join us at the table :)
  • When I get the camera out you look straight into it! Most of the time you flash a smile or two as well. Sometimes I am not so lucky...
  • You love to be read to. This month we read the daily children's advent book together. When your daddy gets home, he reads you the Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • Every morning you wake up smiling from ear to ear. You are so a morning person which I love.
  • You have a dimple in your left cheek that I hope you keep.
  • This month you attended church, a small Christmas party and went shopping with Mommy for the first time. You did great with all 3!
  • Your right eye is getting darker by the day while your left eye remains blue. It's just one of the many things that makes you unique.
  • You could care less about tummy time OR rolling over. I am sure you will decide when you are ready.
  • You LOVE bath time. You have just discovered how to splash and it makes you chuckle every time.
  • You are a great car rider! You almost always conk out once the car is rolling! Maybe we will take a road trip sometime soon??
  • You love to have your bottom patted (instead of your back).
  • You will sit in your bouncy seat in the bathroom while I take a shower. I peek around the curtain to check on you often and you flash me a grin.
  • When your reflux is acting up, you like to be held facing out under our arms. It looks funny, but it makes you happy!
You keep us busy and entertained. I love every moment I spend with you. You are our princess and we can't imagine life without you. Thank you for being such a bright spot in our lives. The joy of being a wife and mother has exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. Love you, sweet girl. Happy 3 months :)


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yesterday and today have been filled with relaxation, laughter, reflection, food, family time and presents. Madelyn is blessed to have two sets of Grandparents that love her dearly, three adoring aunts, and one special uncle in her life. As we have gathered as families these last two days, both my dad and Luke's dad have reminded us all how blessed we are for Madelyn's little life, for her health, and that she is a new addition to our family. It's something that might have gone unsaid had she been perfectly healthy...but neither family will take the health of a child for granted again.

This morning I woke up really early to get the cinnamon rolls out and let them rise...
Mrs. Rhodes giant cinnamon rolls are the best-but you have to remember to set them out 6 hours in advance. I almost always forget...good thing there is a quick bake method. The last time I made these was last year for breakfast on Christmas morning with Luke's family. I guess it might just turn in to one of our little family traditions together.

After breakfast Luke and his dad spent some time checking out Luke's new Taylor guitar. He got it last week and I think he's in love :)
Then we all gathered in the living room to open presents...
Isn't it funny how when you are little you wake up so early (like 4 or 5am when I was growing up) to see what Santa brought you, but the older you get, the anticipation of the presents doesn't seem quite as great?? (So maybe the anticipation is as great but it looks sort of silly for a 24 year old to run throughout the house waking everyone up, screaming and exclaiming, "It's Christmas everyone!! It's time to wake up!!" If that wasn't socially awkward, I might still do it!!)
Next year will be a whole new story in our house. I am confident we won't be waiting until 10 or 11am to watch Madelyn tear into her gifts! I am also sure she won't be sitting back watching the action either. It's going to be so much fun!
Madelyn got quite the loot between yesterday and today. I will have to take pics of it all so someday she will be able to see the cute presents she was given on her first Christmas! I think it's fun to see how families have their own little ways of doing things. The traditions are what make it so much memorable. My family always reads the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and when we were little we always begged to open a present or two after that-my parent's kindly complied-ha! Then on Christmas morning it was a little bit of order mixed with a lot of chaos. My dad would pass the presents out one at a time -ish- but everyone usually had something in their hands to open. Now that we are grown, we celebrate on Christmas Eve with the reading of the Christmas story and still a little bit of order mixed with a lot of chaos. It's great. With Luke's family, Kenda passes out the presents and then we go around taking turns opening them up. You get to see what everyone gets as they open them. Lots of fun. Luke and I are going to have to decide what we want to do with Madelyn...I guess we have 12 months to decide :)
Madelyn and Luke. My two favorite Christmas presents.

This afternoon we lounged around, played pass the baby, watched movies, and just enjoyed the company. Luke and I got busy in the kitchen preparing Christmas rib ( with sauteed mushrooms, broccoli cheese casserole, green bean bacon wraps, jello salad, rolls, salad, and cherry pie. It was so yummy.

After dinner we sat around and watched "Maddie Vision" as her Papa likes to call it. He says it's better than anything on TV...he is right about that.
You can see by the picture above and the one below (well sort of) that Madelyn wore a bow in her hair for the first time tonight. It was super cute-yet awkward at the same time. I am so used to her headbands that it sort of looked funny. She is just so darn cute...
After a little while, we put her headband back on...
I am totally bummed I forgot to read her the last page in her advent book today. I guess my dad covered it last night when we read Luke chapter two as a family. This entire month Madelyn and I have been reading through her children's advent book. Each day holds a piece of the story. Today's piece the most important of them all...

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas, Madelyn. You make our favorite time of year so much more special.

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