Sunday, December 6, 2009


This little girl is the sweetest little thing ever. I love her little happy face every morning when she wakes up. The first time she opens her eyes she flashes me a smile. It's awesome! Then we eat, change a stinky diaper and play...Saturday mornings are SO much fun since she came along.

Insert rant here:

Ok, seriously.
Who knew that you could not put tape over stamps when you mail a package??? Not I. I just want to make sure that the rest of the free world (as if the rest of the free world reads this little blog about the most awesome baby ever and her dorks* for parents) does not make the same mistake that I did yesterday. You see, I had some 39 cent stamps that have been staring at me every time I go to mail something. Yesterday as I was preparing a package to be mailed, a light bulb went off. Use the stamps, Kathryn and then just pay the difference. So, I carefully placed 18 39 cent stamps on the outside of my package. Neatly. In 3 straight rows. $7.02 worth of 39 cents stamps. I was proud of myself. I toted my pretty little package that has way too much tape on it (sorry may take an army to open it) to the counter. "You can't put tape on stamps. Those are no good." So to all the stamp thieves out there who have made the USPS resort to this silly rule...GRRR-bonk!!! (That's my ferocious growl followed by a swift kick to the behind) Needless to say I donated $7.02 to the USPS today (which they thank me for considering all the cutbacks they have had to make lately). Merry Christmas, Mr. Postmaster. I hope you enjoy your little Christmas bonus!
End rant here.

Yesterday afternoon my sister asked me if we wanted to go on a date while she watched the baby. A date? What is that strange and foreign thing you speak of? Only kidding. So after she begged and pleaded and twisted our arms over and over again, we sacrificially gave in. I mean she did have a couple of months to make up with her newest niece. It was the least we could do. We entertained the thought of going to see The Blindside (which I still want to see) but settled for a quick trip to Macy's for a black dress coat for Luke, dinner at Jason's Deli (I was going to make a joke that we were the only people in the restaurant under 65 ((because it was true when we arrived)) but we ran in to some sweet friends that joined us for a bit and I wouldn't want them to think we were talking about them), then fun times at Wally World. Exciting huh? Actually we had tons of fun. But then again, we usually do. We shared adult conversations about things other than Madelyn's poop schedule. It was great.

Before we left my sister took a picture of just the two of us.
*Luke and I are going to be that (old) couple you see out shopping with the matching red shirts, blue jeans and white Keds. Apparently we are starting that a little early. Poor Madelyn is stuck with two dorks for parents.For the record: I had mine on first.

Maddie had a blast hanging out with her Aunt Rachel.

So much fun that she fell asleep at 8:30pm last night, woke up at 1:30am to eat and kept sleeping until almost 9am this morning. My goodness they must have been some party animals while Mommy and Daddy were on a date. Thanks Aunt Rachel. Let's do it again soon!


  1. Luke
    I know growing up I did a poor job on many issues in preparing you for the world.
    Going forward I will attempt to address some of those issue's and one of them will be discussing DATE NIGHTS and ROMANCE when free babysitting is offered.
    You are displaying some SHortyism's being WAY to practical!
    LOL. Seriously some of the fondest memories have with your Mom were on dates like these.
    Madelyn, demand at least a flower or candy when you grow up and have date nights.
    Love you guys and have a great Sunday.
    Papa Shorty

  2. I found out about the "stamp law" when I went to mail something & had done the same thing. I was SOOOOO proud of my nice, straight rows of stamps covered in glossy tape. Ughhhh!

  3. Love the matching shoes!! Of course I do look for matching shirts for my boys and every year we take a family picture in matching shirts from Old I guess we fit in the dork catagorey too!)

  4. I am glad you had a great time on your date! Isn't it different?? Madelyn is looking cuter every day! Her smiles are so cute!! By the way-I loved the matching shoes! That gave me a good laugh :)

  5. Welcome to the dating world of parents!! We had one Friday night too that I've been wanting to post about!! Take 'em when you can get 'em!!! Especially when you don't have to pay $8 - $10 an hour for them!! Yes - you read that right!! 8 - 10 bucks!! AN HOUR


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