Tuesday, December 1, 2009

praying for a miracle

As Luke was on his way out the door this morning to head to the hospital he received a phone call. The family had just been told that parts of our friend Carol's brain were showing no activity. There was not a whole lot of additional information throughout the day. Her brain is responding to the medicine that is trying to reduce the swelling in a positive way, it simply cannot keep up. Rather than having a bleed between the brain and the skull, her brain is bleeding on the inside in two places. Although our hearts are praying for a miracle, the family is facing a very grim reality. They need your prayers. Tonight Luke is on his way to Dallas with two of Carol's sons to pick up their brother. He gets in to Dallas around 11pm so they will be on the wet roads until the wee hours of the morning. When such a tragedy occurs from something as routine and simple as riding around the neighborhood with your son in a golf cart, enjoying a Sunday afternoon, it makes you a little more on edge and nervous. Please continue to pray for this family as the coming days may hold very tough decisions that no family should have to make. Carol is a vital part of our church family. She is not just mom to two sets of twins, she is mom to an entire youth group. Please pray for protection for these students. For their hearts and minds as they continue to deal with this tragedy. She is also mom to many little ones as she teaches them every chance she gets. Our hearts are broken and anxious for what is to come. Yet all who know her know that our hope is in something greater. Although this is so difficult to understand, we continually have to remind ourselves that we are not our own. We are children of the one who gives life and the one who takes away. Despite our inability to understand, faith that seems to fail us at times, and the "unfairness" we feel we are experiencing, He remains the same. Sovereign and in control. Even still, we are praying for a miracle. Join us?

Being able to hold this little beauty close was medicine to my soul as I sat at home feeling helpless.
Luke's heart has been so heavy. This is the part of being in the ministry that can be so hard. Not only does your heart ache because you too are dealing with a tragedy concerning a friend, you are supposed to be a solid support in the time of need. He is so strong. I love him so much and his selflessness never ceases to amaze me. Lord, sustain him.

Most of the day, Madelyn and I cuddled up. She didn't seem to feel well and was not wanting to be put down. That was just fine with me. So we kicked back and snuggled close. Tonight she seemed more playful. Since this little one has all but told me she hates tummy time, I decided to try out the bumbo seat to help with neck control. At first she would last all of 20 seconds before slumping over and giving me the evil eye. Now she seems to like it for the first few minutes. She keeps her head up and looks around. She looks super cute sitting in the big girl chair...
She still loves her bouncy seat and swing. I can't get over how cute she is. I guess I probably never will. How could I?? Take a look at those cheeks...
And that smile...
After I gave her a bath tonight I noticed she had a lopsided belly. Her left side seemed to be enlarged and sticking out. My sister was over so I called her in to look at it. She agreed. My heart started to race. I called my mom and she said that I should call the doctor as it could be a hernia. The nurse said the same thing when I called and scheduled an appointment for the morning. By the time my mom got here it looked much better. I am praying that it was nothing. This poor girl has been through enough. I am hoping we don't have to add hernia to the list.


  1. What a tough few days for you guys. I will keep you all in my prayers. I will also pray for a miracle for Carol. I am so sorry that something like that happened. Praise God that she knows Lord Jesus! I am sorry that Madely is feeling kind of crummy. I pray that her belly incident was nothing and you have nothing to worry about. I will also pray that Luke and Carol's sons have a safe trip to and from Dallas. ((HUGS))

  2. Praying for Carol, her family and friends. I know Luke has been a wonderful comfort to her family and the church family.

    Hope the doctor visit goes well. Grandma has not stopped talking about Maddie and what a sweetheart she is. And I love the pic with her hair standing up! What a doll!

    Love, Nancy

  3. Love these pictures! Super cute and what a smile!!


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