Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snap. Snap.

Luke bought me a new computer in March (or maybe it was April) shortly after we found out we were expecting. It had a 160 gb hard drive. There are 32.5 gbs of hard drive space available. That couldn't possibly have anything to do with how many pictures I take of the little princess, could it? I tell myself not to snap too many pics (if there is such a thing??) and to look for the good know, the ones of the "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" nature. Then Madelyn falls asleep in her bumbo seat. Snap. Or conks out in her bouncy seat with her purple lovey in her arms. Snap. And what do you think happens when she toots so loud she wakes herself up from her little cat nap in her bumbo seat? Snap. Snap. Then the munchkin looks down at her toes with delight as I sing, "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy..." and you guessed it. Snap.
So far I am sticking to my plan of snapping only the "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" ones...the problem is...she is always super cute (smiling OR not) and sweet as could be. There's no question about that. It's a fact.

I mean really, who wouldn't take a picture of this?? Snap.
It's pure sweetness if you asked me.

Needless to say, I have some "backing up" to do. Luke and I were discussing our options for this yesterday. Maybe an external hard drive with a terabyte of space? I remember a couple of years ago browsing through Best Buy and Luke showing me this "amazing, new external hard drive"-we laughed at the thought of that much space. Who could ever need that?? However, at this rate, Madelyn would only make it just past her second birthday before this click'n mom would fill that up too. Yikes. The thought of it kind of stresses me out considering how important pictures are to me. Looks like I

This morning, Madelyn and I woke up feeling a bit more chipper than the previous day. Still blah. Just not quite as blah as before. We took it easy around the house. She snoozed for most of the morning while I, in attempts to clean up the Christmas aftermath, made a big huge mess. Before our house had stuff all over the place. Now, I have successfully insured that every square inch is covered in something. Christmas boxes. Presents. Christmas dishes. Ornaments. Tree parts. Garland. Lights. Clean clothes. Dirty clothes. Centerpieces. Storage containers. Diapers. You name it-it's somewhere in our house-out of place-waiting for me to put it where it goes. Wouldn't want anything to feel left out, ya know?

Despite the mess I made (the day before I have company, mind you), I left my mess to be what it was this afternoon. My mom came by to watch Madelyn for me while I ran to Target to get my prescriptions from the pharmacy. Before I left, I had to snap-snap some pictures of Madelyn and my mom on Skype with her Great Grandma (MeeMaw Fee) in OKC.
That was definitely one of those "super-cute-big smiles-sweet-as-could-be" snap worthy moments, right? Technology is awesome.

After snapping a few pics, I went on my way to Target. I love that place. All of their Christmas decor is 50% off. I only bought a few things. I am going to try some new things on our tree next year. Maybe. If I am brave come next Christmas (or November actually since that is my usual tree decorating time). We shall see.

Tonight Madelyn got to meet another one of her many prayer warriors face-to-face for the first time. BJ was one of Luke's students in Martin's Mill. He goes to CCU now (which gave us a great excuse to make a quick-snowy-fun trip to Denver to visit him in April). It's been a blessing to watch him grow in to a man of God and call him a friend. I love days like this. Days when Madelyn gets to meet someone who anticipated her birth, was excited when she arrived, and faithfully covered her in prayer when things did not go as planned (our plan at least). It's just neat. Snap worthy? I'd say so. There is nothing sweeter to me than men doting over a baby. They lose all that rough and toughness...and smile like you have never seen them smile before. Luke does every single time he walks in the door these days. Straight to the baby with a big 'ol grin on his face! Snap. Snap.
It was great to sit back, catch up and drink some coffee (they drank coffee-I drank water-irrelevant-I know). You know those moments when you can clearly see that God is doing a mighty work in someone's life and you just get excited for them? I had one of those last night in listening to BJ talk about what he's learned this last semester and where he is headed in the future. Endless possibilities if one only has a willing spirit.It was waaaay past Madelyn's bed time, so she had to get into her pj's before saying goodbye. Madelyn can't wait to see you again, BJ. Maybe we will have to make a family trip to Colorado again sometime soon. Her view would be a little better this time, considering last time she was busy growing in my belly.


  1. I have the terabyte external drive. :) I dump everything on it that I'm finished working on. Videos, photos, everything is there. If the house were to catch fire, I'd simply yank it off the computer and stuff it in my shirt!

  2. We use an external hard drive too because I fill up my Mac mini really quick


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