Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend wrap up

Weekend Wrap Up Take One:
This weekend was so busy. We didn't have a lot of things to do per say, just a lot going on around our house. It was always full. Which is always fun. Friday night my mom, sister and Emily (5 year old niece) spent the night so we could wake up and bake Saturday morning. And so we did. We had gingerbread shaped pancakes for breakfast. Then Mom and Emily got started on the baking. Allison (15 month old niece) joined the party a little later. She was busy chewing on Mary's head from the Little People Nativity Set for most of the day (which made me laugh constantly thinking about Christmas next year for little Madelyn). My sister and I took turns snuggling with Madelyn while everyone was busy doing their thing. Our house was full and fun and chaotic. Luke, Jarrod (my brother) and my dad went to a gun show to escape all of the estrogen. Originally just my dad and brother were going but when they offered to Luke and he looked around to see that he was outnumbered 6 to 1 in his own house, he was dressed before he could say 'yes'. Later that night after the boys were done doing their thing Mom, Rachel (my sister), Marlo (my sister-in-law) and I headed out on a late night shopping trip while Luke and Jarrod stayed behind with the 3 little ones. It was fun. We got a few good things. Target closed too early on us. Boo. It was still worth the trip. We made it home just shy of midnight. Madelyn had a rough night that night so there was no sleep for me until about 5 am. Her monitor went off constantly because she was so congested she had a hard time breathing. Reflux has caused her to be constantly congested (which her doctor told us it would be when he told us she had reflux) so she was struggling a bit to breath easily. Yesterday morning we just sort of hung (lazily at that) around for awhile, then went to a Christmas "handmade open house" that had some super cute things. I got some gifts taken care of. Then my brother and his family came over to take some pictures for their Christmas card. That was hysterical. Allison was not exactly compliant. We got a few good pics anyways though! My mom bought matching outfits for my nieces and Madelyn so we tried to get a pic of the 3 of them. Below you can feast your eyes on the fruits of our labor.


Once our little photo shoot was wrapped up Jarrod, Marlo and Emily headed out to Rusk to take a ride on the Polar Express while Mom, Rachel, Allison, Madelyn and I hung out at the house.

Whew. I'm out of breath - er -uh my hands are tired. Actually all of me is tired. Today Madelyn and I are going to rest. Gear up for some more family fun that I am sure is in our future!


  1. It sounds like it was a fun weekend! I need to have some friends and family over to bake some Christmas goodies...that sounds like so much fun!! Madelyn is getting so big!! I pray her reflux eases up soon..sounds like it is so tough for her(not to mention for mommy and daddy too).

  2. So fun! How fun it must be to spend so much time with your whole family. I am jealous...again!:) By the way...I LOVE their matching outfits!


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