Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Months

Maddie Kate,
On Christmas Eve you turned three months old. I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. I say that all the time, but it's only because I cherish every moment with you. This month has been a month of change and growth, triumphs and setbacks, tears and laughter...and I wouldn't change a thing (well I could have done without the last trip to the hospital...but so could you I bet). So what have you been up to this past month, Madelyn??
  • You weigh somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds. When we were in the hospital two weeks ago you weighed in at 12 pounds 1 I am thinking you are closer to 13 pounds now.
  • You wear 0-3 months clothes. I have tried a couple of 3-6 months outfits on you, but they mostly swallow you whole. I am sure that will change soon.
  • You wear size 1-2 diapers (thank goodness Sam's sells these). Ones are too small and twos are too big, but these fit you just right!
  • You have SO many expressions. This one has to be one of my favorites...
  • You smile constantly and your precious giggles and laughter are two things your daddy and I love to hear!
  • You are settling in to a pretty good routine (although we got a little off track the last couple of weeks-hospital visit-adjusting to wearing the apnea monitor at night-being busy with the holidays). You go to sleep some time around 9pm and wake up to feed around 2 or 3am then sleep until 7-8:30am. Sometimes you wake up more than that. Recently you have been falling asleep in your swing and sleeping in my arms after you eat. Last night you slept through the night in your nap nanny after we sat you in it while you were still awake! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! This was the first night for all of us to be in the bedroom since your reflux developed! It was so hard for me. I was awake most of the night watching you sleep...but I am so proud of you!!
  • Since you have been held for most of your life, you did not lose much of your hair. Lately you have been rubbing bald spots on the back of your head. Despite losing some hair, I clipped a bow directly in your hair for the first time the other day!!
  • You love to sit in your bumbo seat for about 15 minutes...then you get tired of holding your head up! Once that happens you start to look like a bobble-head doll so I take you out.
  • You sit in your reclining high chair at the table with us during dinner. Most of the time you just smile at us and jabber the whole time while other times you snooze through the whole thing. It is so neat to be able to have you join us at the table :)
  • When I get the camera out you look straight into it! Most of the time you flash a smile or two as well. Sometimes I am not so lucky...
  • You love to be read to. This month we read the daily children's advent book together. When your daddy gets home, he reads you the Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • Every morning you wake up smiling from ear to ear. You are so a morning person which I love.
  • You have a dimple in your left cheek that I hope you keep.
  • This month you attended church, a small Christmas party and went shopping with Mommy for the first time. You did great with all 3!
  • Your right eye is getting darker by the day while your left eye remains blue. It's just one of the many things that makes you unique.
  • You could care less about tummy time OR rolling over. I am sure you will decide when you are ready.
  • You LOVE bath time. You have just discovered how to splash and it makes you chuckle every time.
  • You are a great car rider! You almost always conk out once the car is rolling! Maybe we will take a road trip sometime soon??
  • You love to have your bottom patted (instead of your back).
  • You will sit in your bouncy seat in the bathroom while I take a shower. I peek around the curtain to check on you often and you flash me a grin.
  • When your reflux is acting up, you like to be held facing out under our arms. It looks funny, but it makes you happy!
You keep us busy and entertained. I love every moment I spend with you. You are our princess and we can't imagine life without you. Thank you for being such a bright spot in our lives. The joy of being a wife and mother has exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. Love you, sweet girl. Happy 3 months :)



  1. Wow...time flies. I can't believe she is already 3 months old. I LOVE the pink hat and the scrunched up face is my favorite so far!:) Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas full of wonderful memories.


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