Monday, July 8, 2013

Carefree and Three

The weather has been so nice considering it is July in Texas! We have taken full advantage of the amazing and unseasonably cool temperatures and enjoyed time outside. This morning MK and I took  one of her friends with us to our neighborhood park and made a morning out of it.
The girls played for hours, ate lunch and then played some more.

As I watched these four legs dangle from the bench as they munched on their raisins, I could not hold back a grin that stretched across my face. Someday all too soon these feet will take MK to school, then her first dance and to her first driving lesson. It is no secret that time speeds up when a child enters your life, and as much as I cringe at the thought of my sweet girl growing up, I am thankful that today she got to be three. She was able to play in the dirt, run across bridges, giggle as she hid from a friend during a game of hide and seek and just be three.

Some days I forget that she is only three years old. In one breath I can wish for time to stand still and then in the next expect Madelyn to act like a little adult. No whining. No talking too loud. Share with friends. And on and on. Sometimes I expect her to do all the right things at all the rights times and then I am surprised when she doesn't meet those expectations. Then today, as I watched her play with her friends at the park, I was reminded that she really is only three. Time passes too quickly to not just let her be carefree and three!

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