Saturday, September 5, 2009

playpens...strollers...and car seats oh my!

The last couple of days have been pretty eventful (it's all relative I guess considering I think that a trip to the mailbox classifies the day as eventful). Thursday afternoon my sweet friend Jenna stopped by with her cuties! She is pretty much super mom...3 boys under 5 and she is always so calm. We always joke that Madelyn will have lots of options between her 3 when it comes time to date! They brought Madelyn this super cute bow:
I am definitely going to have to work on the layered look. I love it! Thanks Jenna!

Thursday night Luke and I went to the final child birth class to hear the pediatrician speak. We haven't been able to go to the last 4 classes because of the bed rest but got the Ok from the doctor to go to this one. It was mainly just basic safety info that most people already know :)

After class we headed over to Babies R Us to use Maddie's gift cards and make a few purchases. We bought her stroller and car seat combination! It was not the one we originally picked out, but after playing with them all and seeing which ones were the easiest to handle we finally settled on one (Luke would interject here that I finally settled on one and that he would have been settled in far less time).

Friday morning we took my cross pendant that I had when I was a little girl to James Avery to be put back on a chain. I had broken the actual chain somewhere down the line. It was going to take them about 30 minutes to solder it on so we went down to the Children's Place where our friend Leah showed us the cutest little shoes that we HAD to get for Madelyn.
Then Luke spent the afternoon putting together all of Madelyn's goodies! It was quite comical at times and really made me look forward to all the late nights we will put in on Christmas Eve and Birthdays trying to assemble bikes and all the other kid toys that you know you are too smart to read the directions for! Our house has suddenly been overtaken by all things baby...
Here is a pic of "baby Luke" (as he is so affectionately named) trying out Madelyn's car seat and stroller! He has the same hair cut Luke had when he was little...Luke spent most of the day helping build a wheel chair ramp for a church member while mom and I hung out! We had a great time looking at all the little baby things and talking! Tonight Kenda, Luke's little sister, came over for dinner! It is kind of fun to see her excitement for little Madelyn because it takes me back to when my oldest niece was on her way...such a fun time!

Now I am laying in bed with Luke as he plays his guitar and works on the song he is going to sing tomorrow morning at church. I wish I could be there. I can't wait until Madelyn gets to hear her Daddy lead worship...

Everything is great on the baby front...Luke and I think she was trying to flip last night because it felt like her body was completely horizontal inside of mine. It was painful and an unsuccessful attempt (I think). I am pretty sure she is still breech because I can still feel her head way up high! My contractions are a tad bit more noticeable now...but that is to be expected! I am looking forward to a week of laying low after a few days of escaping from the house...even if just for short times!

I think we are going to play travel scrabble and then call it a night...yes I did just say that and it is only 8:30pm! We've got to soak up the sleep for the next 19 days right???


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