Sunday, September 6, 2009

just the usual

For the last hour I have been feeling and watching as Madelyn hangs out horizontally again in my belly. I am confident she is horizontal because on the left side I feel her head and on the right side there are 2 little indentions that keep poking out and occasionally giving a swift kick! Tonight it is not as painful as it was the night before but it is still not exactly prime comfort for sleeping. The doctor told us and I have read in the baby books that most babies to first time moms turn in preparation for delivery and "drop" between weeks 30 and 33. Ever since I found this out I have been thinking that Madelyn is just one smart cookie for staying breech...I mean how many of you would want to hang out all day every day for 8-10 weeks upside down??
Not ME!
Madelyn is probably just taking her precious time considering she knows that it doesn't take that long to do a little flip. Of course, let's just hope she doesn't get too big to make the turn...but I doubt she has taken that in to account during her rebellious breech days.

While hanging out in bed today I have been looking at all the different baby slings there are out there. I really think that I want to give one of these a shot...but I have no clue which one to try. I think the "Hotslings" baby sling looks the easiest to operate. Has anyone out there ever tried one of these? or know of someone who has? Let me know what you think of yours or what you have heard about others, please.

I cannot believe that in just 17 days we will get to meet our little girl! 17 days! We are just about to the 35 week mark now. A few weeks ago I was wondering if she would stay in there this long. I am confident that our pony bargain has been a major factor in her willingness to comply...and I guess we can thank the bed rest too! I meant to take pictures of her room today but did not make the trek upstairs. There is always tomorrow!

I have been working on a little project for my niece's birthday. She is going to turn 5 the day we have Madelyn...I can't believe how fast time goes by. I realized today that I have thousands of pictures of Emily and at least 100+ videos...but I am ashamed to say that I only have about 5 videos of Allison and she will be 1 year old in 2 weeks! YIKES! I have some major catching up to do!

I hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. Luke and I have just been taking it easy and will continue to do so tomorrow!! I love spending time doing nothing with my hubby...



  1. hey kathryn!
    just wanted to say i love you guys a ton and miss ya'll so much! i hope everything goes good with the baby girl :) she is gonna be so cute i just know it! ya'll are awesome keep hanging in there God has blessed ya'll so much i know it's exciting! well i'll leave you alone haha, love you!

    Emily Williams :)

  2. Tiffany "Lowden" KoopSeptember 7, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    I LOVED my hotsling but just make sure you get it in the right size. It was given to me so it was a little bit too big but it worked great for a little while (you can fold it at the shoulder and make it a bit smaller). But my sister tried it and it was way too small so there was no helping her! :)

    I still prefered the bjorn once he was a little bit bigger, though.

  3. I have the Amy Coe sling, i beieve it is the hot sling and i absolutely love it! Dax is a major cuddle baby and enjoys it very much. Emory our first born didnt like her sling because she sisnt like to cuddle. So it totally depends on the baby. Good Luck!

  4. I have a hotsling for Kolson and I love it! It is easy to use and he really likes for me to put him in it at night when I am doing the dishes or cleaning the house. It is a good way to have him close but still be able to get something done!


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