Friday, September 18, 2009

6 days & counting...

In less than 6 days we will be hanging out in the hospital with Madelyn Kate. 132 hours until we hold her in our arms. 7,920 minutes until we get to see that cute little head full of hair and chubby cheeks. 475,200 seconds until we are a family of three.

This morning we went to the doctor for what was our last prenatal doctor's appointment. I am actually going to miss seeing the sweet ladies at the office and our awesome doctor every week. I have seen them once, sometimes twice a week for the last 10 weeks and twice a month at least for the 22 weeks before that. However, I will not miss the weekly weigh ins (where I stand praying that it has not gone up too much). I will not miss being hooked up to the NST machine for 40+ minutes when it's only supposed to be 20 minutes. I definitely will not miss waiting for an hour after the NST is complete to see the doctor. But it was a little bitter sweet. I have the most amazing doctor with the sweetest nurses and staff!

Madelyn looked great on the NST. Her heart beat is the little squiggly line on the left. My contractions, on the right, were hard at work.
I did not sleep well last night because they became uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Tonight they have eased off, but earlier today I began wondering if they were ever going to slow down. I started to think Madelyn got excited and didn't want to wait until Thursday to meet her mommy and daddy.

I managed to sleep them off this afternoon. I had great plans for today. I wanted to wash what was left of Madelyn's clothes, organize her room, write some more thank you notes, dismantle the "biggest bed rest bedside table you have ever seen in your life", and many other things. I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow.

This afternoon Luke headed out to Mundt Music while I was resting and came home with a new guitar pedal. He was pretty pumped and has spent part of the evening testing it out.
We have been taking it easy. Relaxing. Taking in these last few days of being just a couple. Treasuring each little kick and wiggle that I feel inside my belly. Anticipating the sleepless nights, endless dirty diapers and getting to ooh and ahh at our child. How truly blessed we are...



  1. I am so excited for yall! It will change your life and you will wonder what in the world you ever did without her!

  2. So exciting!!!! Motherhood is the BEST! Enjoy this last week of pregnancy!

  3. we are so excited for you. we can't wait to meet your new little one- and i love all her bows!

    christy and tye

    ps- take a deep breath and breathe her in when you first hold her- no one told me that the smell of a newborn is so very beautiful until i had one. johnsons and johnsons has nothing on God's scent! :)


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