Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is a SPECIAL day!

It is not special because our little Madelyn's scheduled date of birth is now on the weather forecast. Although I do think that is really neat & I am excited about the fact that the high will be 80 degrees and the sun will be shining when we welcome her into the world, that is not why today is a special day!

It is not special because Madelyn got this super cute piece of luggage in the mail from her GiGi for when she goes to visit them in the valley...
Although it is adorable and I cannot wait to fill it with all of her cute little things for her first trip down to spend time at Luke's parent's house, that is not why today is a special day!

It is not special because today marks the 36th week of pregnancy...a day that we were not sure that we would make it to! While we are so thankful that Madelyn is still developing inside of me instead of the struggle she may have faced if she decided to come early, that is not why today, the 16th of September is a special day!

While all of those things are fun and even is a special day because it is my awesome hubby's birthday!!

***Happy 24th Birthday Luke***

So to are 24 things I love about you on your 24th Birthday:
  1. you love the Lord
  2. your love for the Lord & for people is authentic
  3. you are stinkin' hilarious & keep me laughing
  4. your passion for music
  5. the way you use that passion to lead others in worship
  6. you give the best foot rubs
  7. and back rubs
  8. we always think the same things at the same time...and then laugh about it
  9. you manage to remember every retarded line from every movie you have ever watched
  10. yet you forget what we talked about 20 minutes ago ( I don't LOVE this part all the time but in retrospect it always makes me laugh & I do love to laugh)
  11. the way you look at me over your glasses like a little old man
  12. you are super supportive
  13. the way you are always trying to sell someone...anyone who will listen...a mac (I seriously think Apple owes us a lot of money after all the free advertising you do)
  14. the way you interact with our nieces
  15. your handsome self (I had to wait until #14 so I didn't seem shallow)
  16. the fact that you look like a teenage boy when you don't have facial hair
  17. your competitiveness when we play games against each other
  18. the way you love me
  19. when you get excited about something, it is completely contagious
  20. the way people are drawn to you
  21. your sweet cards, scriptures and notes that you leave for me
  22. your passion for student ministry
  23. the fact that you do the dishes (I love this a LOT! ha)
  24. that you are my very best friend and we get to celebrate together for many years to come

Growing up in my family we used to joke that we had a birthday week (unless you are my sister and she would say it's her "birthday month") and would drag it out as long as possible! Luke has adapted well to this and has been celebrating all week. Some of the sweet ladies at church made him this giant candy bar birthday card and a birthday cake and delivered them to him on Monday!
This put him in the celebrating mood...he begged (and I do mean the way 6 year olds do when you take them to Toys R Us) for his birthday present. After about 20 minutes of going back and forth I gave in and gave him a small part of his gift, an i-tunes gift card. He loves i-tunes gift cards. Then last night he once again begged for the rest of his gift. I gave in again. I gave him one more thing to open...a book that he has been wanting. And today, we celebrated by going to breakfast at IHOP (yummy) and he got to open the rest of his presents.The birthday man at breakfast!
Super dad with his daddy duty apron on. It came with all the essentials...a mask, air freshener, I love daddy paci, hand sanitizer, baby lotion, gloves, baby powder...and ear plugs among other things.
I don't think he is going to need the ear plugs considering I have serious doubts that he will hear her cry to begin with! He's not exactly a light sleeper!
Trying out the goods!
Anticipating the stench...hahaha! (actually his nose just itched when I took the pic but it made me laugh so I thought I would share)

When he gets home from church we will celebrate a little more with cheesecake and cherries! Be jealous!

And to make sure he makes a week of it, we are going to be celebrating some more tomorrow night with my family. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so we are doing a family birthday dinner for mom, Luke and the girls!

Madelyn has been doing great! She has been moving around all the time! I have been so blessed to have such a mover of a baby! Since about 19 weeks I have felt her wiggle and bounce and it is pretty much the coolest feeling ever. It has "evolved" as the weeks go by from flutters to full on kicks! It has been such a blessing though, because it reassures me that she is doing great! My heart rate has been back down to the low 80's and my blood pressure is back to normal! I am not sure whether it was stress last week or just a fluke but it feels MUCH better now! It's hard to believe that in just 1 week we will be parents!!! Oh, the excitement!


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  1. And this right here is why I love you so much. Sis, I miss you! I had tears in my eyes as I read about why you love Luke. I pray that my marriage will be as sweet as yours... not because of anything else but your deep love for God! Because of that, all the others fall into place! Rach

    Oh and I am thinking about extending my bday to be 2 months!


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