Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Birthdays

This morning mom and I went to the annual children's consignment sale here in Tyler. Oh my goodness! I have never seen so much stuff in all my life! We found some cute things for all the girls. Some people were a little too proud of their used (previously slobbered, spit up & puked on) items, if you know what I mean!? Mom and I had fun looking through it all. Mom bought this super cute caterpillar rocker! There's a pic of Alli riding on it at the bottom of this post.I know I have mentioned a lot (maybe too much) how there are so many in our family that have birthdays in September, so this is the last time I will mention it. I lie. Emily's birthday party is on Saturday and Luke's dad's birthday is the 29th, so I can pretty much guarantee that you will hear about it again. Like I said, we like to drag things out in our family.

So tonight we had family birthday dinner at my mom and dad's house! Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!! Have you ever seen a birthday cake that listed so many people it had commas on it?? That's what we had tonight and I failed to get a picture of it. I ordered it because I didn't want my mom to spend her birthday baking her own cake and my decorating skills are lacking (as we all know), but I did not think that the bakery would actually list the names on the cake. I suggested they put "Happy Birthday" in the middle with the names randomly around it. Instead the cake read...
"Happy Birthday
Emily, Luke, Martha & Alli"
I forgot to get a picture of it before we dug in...but I thought it was quite comical. Commas on a birthday cake??

Luke got to officially celebrate for a week. He was excited about his gift cards, both of which are musically related, and a contribution to his "I am jealous of my sister & brother-in-law's new 15in. mac & mine is on the brink of death so I opened a savings account to buy a new one" fund. He has already loaded his itunes gift cards to his account in anticipation of David Crowder's new release next Tuesday and is researching what he will buy tomorrow at Mundt! He is so cute! I love him & I love it when he gets excited about all things musical.

It was great to hang out with the fam. Rachel even talked to us all via skype, so it felt like the whole clan was there! Emily, Mom, & Luke sang Happy Birthday to themselves. It made me laugh!

Everyone opened their presents. Emily was super excited about her "bendaroos" from Grandma & Grandpa. Apparently I am a loser because I have never heard of them before. I guess when Madelyn comes along she can keep me in the loop on all things cool.
Between the 2 of them we all had plenty of entertainment!
Reading material anyone??

Check out Allison "jamming". Happy 1st Birthday tomorrow Alli girl!

Tomorrow morning Luke and I head to the doctor for what quite possibly could be our last prenatal appointment! I am excited! It all seems so real now. Makes since considering it is real.


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