Sunday, September 20, 2009

hot diggity dog...

Today I went shopping with my mom at Wal-Mart for the first time in a long time. I think the "oh my gosh, I am having a baby in 4 days and I am not prepared" pre baby panic set in when I was making my list this morning. I have NEVER made a grocery list on my cute little note pad that filled up the front and part of the back. The sad thing is...I bought everything on my list and then some! I got all the great things my blog friend Kristi suggested that I get (she wrote me this awesome run down of what to expect...and I am so thankful for that). I stocked up on snacks and easy to prepare food for when we come home from the the trick is not to eat it all before the big day! I have all this silly anxiety about coming home to a dirty, cluttered, empty fridge house. I know...I know...once we get home we will end up having stuff out everywhere...but until then, I will continue to get a little anxious if there is anything sitting out! I think my above mentioned anxiety might drive everyone (mainly my husband) around me crazy. Operation nesting is in full force. Consider this your warning. Ha! No, but really! So with the help of my awesome mother...the fridge is full and the house is spotless! Now to keep it that way until Saturday.

After participating in the blog hop and posting the yummy Dream Spaghetti recipe the other night...I was craving it so bad! So tonight we had dream spaghetti and amazing pie from a sweet lady at church. I am stuffed.

Yesterday was my niece's birthday party at Double Dave's Pizza. Double Dave's is Emily's favorite place to eat. She always manages to sucker Luke and I into taking her there. When she was younger she would get a free kid's buffet with the purchase of a kid's drink. You better believe that she would eat enough to cover the cost of her drink and our buffets! One time I took her to eat there and she ate 6 slices of pizza and 4 slices of dessert pizza. Needless to say she was excited about getting to make her very own pizza with her friends.

Can we say diva?
The little birthday princess loved making her pizza.
Emily and Grandpa!
Emily and her buddy Emma. They have been friends since they were babies!
Little Allison loved her pizza and flirting with everyone that walked by. Someday she will learn to flirt with her mouth works for now though!
Look at that Daddy surrounded by all the little girls...I guess he is used to being outnumbered by the females at home!
This is what we like to call "the hawk". Apparently when I was little that is what a family friend coined my mean glares. It's amazing that a 1 year old can look at you in a way that says, "What are you talking about you dumb adult?"
Allison loved playing with her Uncle Luke while the big kids played and made their pizzas. Her Uncle Luke loved it just as much!
They played so hard that Allison slept through the last hour of the party in Luke's arms. I can't wait to see Madelyn cuddled up with him like this.

"Hot Diggity Dog...I'm turning 5 years old!"

4 days...


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  1. I am a little behind on Kelly's posts. I am just now getting through all of the recipes. I just found your site and wanted to tell you that I had a little girl 3 months ago and named her Madilyn Kate. It is the most perfect little girl name that there is. Plus you can make up cute rhymes with Maddie Kate (Maddie Kate, Maddie Kate, baker's man...things like that). Ok, I am not a crazy, just wanted to share the name. Good luck with your baby girl!


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