Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It all started with a kiss...

6 years ago today I was a senior in high school. I had just gotten back in town from celebrating my Grandma's 80th Birthday with all of our relatives in Oklahoma City. I had tons of pictures that I wanted to share with Luke (I'll admit that I mainly just really wanted to see him-a weekend is a long time in teenager world). That night at his house, as we looked at all the pictures and laughed about how I got the "short gene" (the majority of my mom's side of the family is over 6ft. tall-ladies and all), we flirted and "bumped" our hands against each other's. Right before I was about to leave we shared something...a kiss. It was sweet and special. I think it surprised us both. We looked at each other and asked what it meant. That was the day we started dating...

4 years later to the day, we were married. That was the most fun day of my life. It was perfect. I married my very best friend. I love him more today than I did then and I know that with each passing day it will continue to grow. Happy 2nd Anniversary Mister, I love you always!

Today was a great day. It was not exactly how I would have pictured our last childless anniversary celebration (with the bed rest and all), but it was perfect none the less. I woke up to notes and gifts scattered around the house. This one was by far my favorite...Notice the stick guy holding his nose as he changes a diaper...it's a promise to at least change as many diapers as are in that pack...even if it kills him :) I laughed so hard when I asked him if he bought a size 2 because he didn't plan on changing any diapers until she was that big...he instantly said, "No way! They are supposed to be the ones for the new babies!" I guess we need a diaper buying lesson before Madelyn comes along!

Luke came home early to spend time with me! We took a nap, put some things together in Madelyn's room...
had an amazing take out dinner from Julians (the restaurant we went to the night Luke asked me to marry him)...and watched a movie together!

It was a wonderful day celebrating the day that God joined us as one! Just to think...it all started with a kiss.

Tomorrow morning we get to see our little girl on the ultrasound. I can't wait to see how big she has gotten! Yesterday was a yucky day-I caught the bug that has been going around but was so relieved that it was gone by the time I woke up this morning! I have not had any increased contractions so I know that everything will look great tomorrow!



  1. Awesome story! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day. I pray for a lifetime more for you two (three). Blessings.

  2. Awww Happy Belated Anniversary!! I love that y'all got married on your dating anniversary!! That's so cool!!

    HAHAH- Luke, please do not wish a "12-18 lb" baby on your precious wife!!! However, the idea behind the diapers was incredibly sweet, creative and thoughtful!!

    Good luck today! Can't wait to hear some results! =)

  3. What a sweet post!!! You guys sound a lot like Larry & I. Blissful & silly after all these years!


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