Friday, September 25, 2009

Good morning beautiful

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."
-James 1:17a
I headed back down to the nursery at about 3:45 am (while letting Luke snooze some more before I disturbed him) to check on our little sweetie. I found this princess sleeping so sweetly. No oxygen hood, no mask, and not near as much retracting. It was such a beautiful sight to see. I got to spend about an hour and a half with her, just talking about life and how many people are ready to see her. She had to have some blood drawn while I was there. Torture. Ha! I know it didn't actually hurt her, but she did not want to be disturbed so she gave her lungs a little extra practice. Before she was born I was worried I would not hear her in the middle of the night...well worry no more!! It is amazing how perspectives change though. One day you are praying your baby will not cry much. The next you are just thankful that she can cry! After her heel stick I layed her doll in the bed next to her. This was the very first baby doll that her grandmother bought her the day we found out we were having a girl. I am sure they will be fast friends.

This morning I am still feeling great. I know the pain will sneak up on me soon, but I am enjoying my time before it does! I definitely had a lot of motivation to walk around yesterday and I know that same motivation will keep me out of the bed today!!

I am going to try to get a little bit more rest before I head back down to the nursery. I am sure I will actually just lay here staring at the hundreds of pictures and videos her daddy and I took yesterday. Who needs sleep when you can gawk over pictures of your very own little miracle??



  1. Congrats on your baby girl! She is beautiful. I am so glad that she is doing better, and I pray that she continues to improve. I believe that you can never feel God's love more than when you are holding your own child! God is so good! Congrats again!!

  2. Your daughter is SO beautiful!! I'm glad she's doing better today, hopefully she'll be ready to go home soon.

    Okay, so I had a c-section two years ago and I had a catheter in for 24 hours- how in the world are you up and walking around looking so pretty? My daughter was also in the NICU for awhile and they would NOT let me go see her until it had been 12 hrs. Luckily they brought her to me before then, but I was about to go crazy not holding my baby. I am just amazed at how well you're doing.

  3. Luke and Kathryn, I have little experience with blogs, but these comments were so moving. You are in our prayers - ALL THREE of you! Our love, Cathy & Jim


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