Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Monday...

Dear Monday,
Where have you gone? I had BIG plans for you. I accomplished a few of the things I had on my list, but you have come and gone too quickly. There are still things left to be done. Tuesday will not be happy that he has to share his list with your left over to-dos because you decided to call it quits so quickly. See you next week...maybe then you can linger a little longer...after all, it will be your first chance to meet our princess.
Love, Kathryn

Although I did not take care of all that I had hoped to today, I did manage to do a few fun projects. Although they were not on my original list, I added them to the end just so I could cross them off. This gave me a greater sense of accomplishment.

Project #1: Bow Holder
I love spray adhesive...yet I hate it's gooey aftermath! I love it's endless project possibilities more than I hate it's gooey aftermath. I could not find my husband's staple gun for this project and racked my brain as to what I could use. Oh spray adhesive, you are always there when I need you. That is why I continue to use it time after time. **I just had a visual of my trusty spray adhesive bottle swaying and singing along with Cyndi Lauper..."If you're lost you can look and you will find me...Time After Time".** This was the easiest 10 minute bow holder project ever and cost a mere $4! Check it out:

Project #2: Matching Outfits
I found 2 cute little pink skirts at Target for $1.25 each for my nieces. They only had like 3 on the rack and 2 of them happened to be their sizes, so I decided I would make them shirts to match. Of course Madelyn needed a shirt to match her cousins. I can't wait to see them on the girls!

I have been told that I am somewhat of a "marathon blogger". I am not sure if this title carries a negative connotation from those that have informed me that I am such, but to be honest I don't really notice it until it's posted. I also love pictures...and that usually contributes to the fact that you have to scroll down 15 times before you have finished reading the post. I was going to apologize for this, but I am not really sorry so it would not be sincere. I mean, no one is forcing you to read. I just thought I would acknowledge it...for no reason at all I guess.

In less than 2.4 days, we will get to see Madelyn Kate!!! I am SO excited!

Just for fun (if you have stuck with me and read down this far) let's all guess how much she will weigh and how long (or short) she will be! You don't have to be a blogger to leave a comment with your guess...just make sure to leave your name so I know who's guessing! HINT: 3 weeks ago she weighed approximately 5 lbs. 3 oz.!

Go ahead...guess already! More guesses=more fun!



  1. guess is 7lb 14oz, 20" long.

  2. Omg you are so stinkin' crafty!! I hope bein preggers makes me this crafty so that my lil angel can have all of these precious things!!

    I don't know what kind of blogger you are, other than- "a better one than me"- so many ppl are!! But, I do hope you continue once Madelyn makes her debut so that we can see her beautiful self!! I'm a lil nervous though bc I know you guys will be busy, busy loving on her!

    My official guess: 8lbs 10oz., 20" long

    *Hope G. (just in case my profile doesn't say it)

  3. I love all your craft ideas! My guess is.......

    6lb 15oz 19.5 inches long

    can't wait to see her!

    -Megan Barmore

  4. 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long....I have no idea why but that's my guess! I can't wait to meet lil' Maddie! See you thursday! -Lori

  5. 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long!:) LOVE the bow holder...I made some like that to be picture holders in my classroom last year...too cute. Can't wait to see Maddie! And I loved your "Dear Monday" letter. You are so creative.

  6. Don't forget all the predictions that were made in response to Sharon's request on Grandma's facebook. I already missed the date (sure she would be born on Sunday as a dutiful minister's daughter) but I will stick with my weight and length prediction -- 6lb.8oz, 20 inches.

    I am looking forward to tons of pics of cute little Maddie, Mommy and Daddy!!

    Love, Nancy

  7. Ok my guess is 7lb 6oz, 18 inches long!

    I can't wait to meet her!


  8. "Marathon Blogger" that cracks me up! And I SOOOOO do not know where Monday went either - or Tuesday for that matter, but I will also be adding things at the bottom of my TO DO list that actual got finished so I feel more accomplished. Glad I am not the only one who does this. Your shirts for the girls are PRECIOUS and the bow holder - too stinkin' cute!

    Congrats on meeting your little Princess in 2 days - that is fantastic news! My guess is that she will weigh in at a wopping 7lbs 3oz and be 19 inches long. ;D

    Reading back over my comment - maybe I'm a marathon commenter? Who knows.... lol

  9. the blogs are great just as they are. I think Maddie will be 6lbs 14ozs and 20 and 1/2 inches long. gma joyce


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