Sunday, September 27, 2009

Doting Grandparents

Grandma (my mom) checking out the little beauty!
Grandpa (my dad) talking to Madelyn (probably giving her fishing advice or telling about their future outings to ride horses).
Grandma and Gigi (Luke's mom) were just about as excited as I was that I got to hold her on Thursday (although I am sure they would have been more excited if they were the ones getting to hold her). It's hard to believe that is the only time I have gotten to feel her in my arms. I am anxiously waiting to spoil this little girl and hold her all day!!
Papa (Luke's dad) getting an up close look at his first granddaughter while she was still under the oxygen hood.
He has pretty much camped outside the special care nursery window for the last few days. This is where I found him last night at 1am. He pulled up a chair (which I am sure is much more comfortable than the ledge he sat on the night before.

Do you think this child is loved or what??

It's about 10am on Sunday morning. Madelyn's respiration count is at about 70, which is still pretty good! She is still retracting some, but not with every breath that she takes. The CPAP machine really seems to be working (when she isn't grabbing at it trying to yank it off). She has really taken to her pacifier, which we love to just sit and watch her suck on. This morning she has already had her blood work and x-rays so we are just waiting for the doctor to come up and give us the game plan for today. It is so great to see her so calm and peaceful!



  1. How lucky to have all four loving grandparents there. Bless you all with courage, and a comfy chair to rest in. So happy to hear the treatments are helping Madelyn to rest more comfortably. Seeing her eyes open, little fingers grab for the pacifier,and I guess the cpap too,shows such spirit! Love you,Sharon

  2. Good news. Still praying in Virginia


  3. She is most DEFINITELY loved!!!! The picture of Papa by the window is priceless!!!! Made me a lil teary-eyed in fact!!

  4. Whoops, apparently the hubs was still signed into google. The above post is actually from me, Hope! Just to clarify! =)


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