Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just for laughs...

So in my last post remember how I said we were going to continue to celebrate with yummy cheesecake when Luke came home? Well, my mom was SUPER sweet and brought us Texas Roadhouse for Luke's Birthday Dinner so it would be waiting here for him when he got home from church, and I wanted to show her how I wrote Happy 24th on Luke's cheesecake for him. I was proud of what I had with a big smile on my face I went to the fridge to pull it out! Much to my surprise this is what I found...YIKES! Can we say fail? This is precisely why the cake decorating is left to my mom and my sister-in-law in this family and why I ordered a cake for tomorrow night's family celebration! Ha! Good thing I had some cherries to cover up my failure before the hubs got home...

Notice the green stripes. I am laughing out loud at myself right now!


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