Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tutus, TX trash & turkeys

Madelyn is starting to settle into a routine-ish. I think she officially has her days and nights sorted out (that is until she decodes what I am typing and decides to be a tricky little girl). No, but seriously she seems to have that down. Check that off the to-do list. She has also been taking pretty regular naps. Like this one...
While this little one is snoozing during her nap times over the last two days I have had time to do the laundry, tackle the thank-you notes, and put away all the stuff that has not found a home yet do some fun crafty projects.

Project #1: Matching Christmas tutus for the cousins. Here is Madelyn's...
These are super easy to make and I am sure they will make for some great pictures of all the girls! Marlo, we need to schedule a photo shoot :)

Project #2: Homemade Texas Trash-ish. Ever since (like it's been a long time-try 5 days ago) Mom and I went to Mistletoe and Magic and purchased our 3oz. bags of Texas Trash, I have been wanting to try to make my own.
9cups Rice Chex
1cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2cup peanut butter
1/4cup butter or margarine
1teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2cups powdered sugar

First I microwaved the chocolate chips, peanut butter & butter until it stirred smooth (approx. 1 min. 30 sec.).
Then I poured that over the chex cereal in a large bowl and stirred.
Next I dumped all of that into a big ziploc bag and poured the powdered sugar in...
and shook.
Finally I spread it all out on wax paper covered cookie sheets to cool.
Not quite as good as Susie's South Forty's Texas Trash, but not bad for a recipe on the back of the cereal box!! It is so yummy! Next time I am going to try it with white chocolate!

Project #3: Thanksgiving onesie for Madelyn. I decided since I have already jumped ahead to making Christmas outfits for Madelyn, I should at least make something cute for her to wear on Turkey Day...
I got the idea to make one of these for Madelyn from I still need to add little buttons for eyes, but you get the idea. I think she will look super cute on her first Thanksgiving!

Then the little one wakes up and it's time to play...
Tonight we went over to my Mom and Dad's for our weekly Wednesday night hang out time over there. My mom took this picture of Madelyn asleep in my arms...I love it because of how chubby her face looks and how she has her sweet little lips!
She loves good cuddle time with Grandma, that's for sure.Tomorrow Madelyn is 8 weeks old. Wow.


  1. The Turkey onesie is sooo cute! We make that same "trash" but with Crispix cereal and for some reason we call it puppy chow!:) You are seriously making me hungry and it is midnight so the last thing I need to do is eat! You are doing such a wonderful job being Madelyn's mommy...I am proud of you and so thankful to call you my friend.

  2. ok seriously that is the cutest onesie i've seen!! how did you make that i want to make one for Dax...but a little more can yo post on my wall how u made it!! Yu so crafty! Maddie is going to have te best art projects and costumes when she gets in school! luck little girl!!

  3. She is seriously the sweetest little girl! Now, we call the Texas Trash puppy chow here as well. I guess all the names seem to fit the look!lol That onesie is too cute! I would love to do that!

  4. Your little girl is so cute and so are the clothes you make for her. How do you do it. Do you sew or is there another trick I am missing. I would love to be able to make such cute things for my three kids too. Please share.

  5. Me too! Me too! I want to know! Show me how to make the shirt AND the tutus! They are is everything else you make apparently!


  6. I am thinking this calls for a tutorial post?! What do you think ladies?? Not all of us are so creative!

  7. Oh and how about a tutorial on those cute headers you make?? Do you have a business with all this awesome stuff you make? If tutorial necessary...I'd just let you do it!!


  8. That baby is cute and i am loving the recipe for texas trash I added m&m's and some pretzles to really make it top notch


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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