Friday, November 27, 2009


Like many other crazy adventurous people, this morning my mom, sister and I woke up early. Very early. Actually I was already awake because I was feeding Madelyn. We headed out at 4am for some girl time shopping. We didn't really have a list of items that we had to have. It was just for the fun of it. Yes, I think it's fun to get out in the freezing cold to stand in line at Target at 4am just to go shopping! There was one thing that I saw in the ad that I thought would be really nice if I could get my hands on. The Bissell Steam Mop. I know. Exciting, right? There were probably over a thousand people in line when the store opened so I thought my chances were slim. When the door opened and the line started to move I got excited thinking about the possibilities of life with a steam mop. My heart started to pound. Once we made it inside I made my way to the vacuum section to try to locate my steam mop that was 50% off. There it was. On the very top shelf waiting for me to grab one. If only there would not have been 89 other people fighting for a steam mop of their own. Punches were being thrown. It was pretty intense. My chances seemed to fade away. My hopes of life with a steam mop were dashed. Ha! Just kidding. There was ONE other person. We looked at each other and laughed in a way as if to say, you know you are really boring when the one "hot deal" that excites you is a cleaning supply! Needless to say, myself and my cleaning buddy got our steam mops after helping each other climb up to get one. Lame? Probably so! Am I still excited about my future with my steam mop? You betcha!

Once I had my steam mop I met up with my mom and sister and found a few other things. I think everything we bought was at least 50% off. The best part about the trip was that I happened to be standing in the right place at the right time so we were able to check out really quickly and avoid the hour plus wait! We were back home within 2 hours of leaving! Thanks Mom and Rach for going with me!

I have to say Madelyn was pretty excited about the steam mop also. She knows that means we will have really clean floors when she starts crawling. This is her cheering Mommy on...

Look at how big she is getting...
I love to kiss those chubby cheeks and play with the rolls on her arms and legs. I cannot believe she has now not only doubled her weight from the lowest she weighed in the NICU but she has also doubled her birth weight! Every day she looks a little bit different. But she always looks precious! I love this little crooked smile...While I was out this morning, Papa took on diaper duty. I have to say that I was very impressed when I learned this. Way to go, Papa!!
It has been so good getting to hang out with family this week. It gets me excited for Christmas time! I know it will be hard to say goodbye, but it will be easier for them knowing they will see little miss sunshine (as her Papa has called her from day one) in a few weeks!This afternoon my little sweetie and I kicked back for a much needed nap. This picture is PN (pre-nap). I won't show you PoN (post-nap) considering I had multiple comments on how rough I looked!
I love that my Grandma is pretty tech-savvy. How many Great Grandmas do you know that do this...
She does email, reads the blog, has a facebook account and more I am sure! I love it. I hope I am like that when I am a Great Grandma!

Madelyn has been making SO many noises. It is so cute and so fun when she is laying on the floor these days. She just pumps her legs as fast as she can, looks all around the room and talks up a storm. Here she is with her Aunt Kenda playing on the floor...
It was a long day out our house. Tonight her Papa soaked up some cuddle time and rocked the little princess to sleep...
I cannot get over how blessed I am. My little munchkin makes life that much sweeter. Before she came along, I thought life was pretty good. I never knew how much I would have been missing without her. Luke's dad has it right, she is our sunshine.

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