Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankful. I am thankful. For a roof over our heads. I am thankful for my husband's job. Thankful that his job is not just a job to him, but that it's his passion. Thankful for being able to get pregnant. Thankful for making it to 37 weeks before I had to deliver Madelyn. For a husband who strives to love me as Christ loves the church. A sister-in-law who I can call my friend. Thankful for a brother who in your darkest of days will sit by you and let you know everything will be ok. I am thankful for two beautiful nieces whose smiles light up my heart. For a sister who prays, serves the Lord to the ends of the earth and then returns home safely. I am thankful for a mother whose instincts told her to leave work to sit with my baby girl at the hospital on Tuesday, September 29. I am thankful that God's providence would allow my nurse of a mother to be the one holding Madelyn when she stopped breathing. For a father whose love is constant and faithful. For a father in-law who sat outside the nursery glass all night long keeping an eye on our sick baby. A mother-in-law who raised a man to love the Lord and love his wife and daughter. A sister-in-law who dotes over her first niece. Grandparents that leave a legacy of strength and servant hood. I am thankful. Thankful for the baby girl that God has blessed us with. Thankful that today, this Thanksgiving day in 2009, I get to hold a healthy 9 week old baby in my arms. There are so many things that I am thankful for that I could not name them all but today we gave thanks to the one who gives us life.

Here are some of the highlights from our day...Gigi giving Madelyn a bath

Doting aunts

Four generations

Four generations

Madelyn, me, Mom, Grandma McAfee

Our Turkey
Madelyn getting loved on by two Great Grandmas
Today mine and Luke's family came together for one big Thanksgiving celebration. We have grown close through the ups and downs this year has brought us. We gathered together to eat, laugh and give thanks.


  1. what a day-love the 4 generations on both sides. One thing I am thankful for is blogs and someone who will keep up with them so we can all enjoy-thank you Kathryn. Love,Sharon

  2. I am thankful Sharon cooked and hosted Thanksgiving, and I am thankful that this is the first year I've had to put up Grandma's tree by myself, while she lollygags in Tyler with the regular decorating crew. If you step outside and bend your ear to the north, you can probably hear me cussing :)

    Love, Nancy

  3. God is so good! I appreciate your willingness to share what He is doing in you and your family's lives. It certainly encourages me for Brian and I's present and future. Thanks!

  4. Okay - this one (like most) brought tears to my eyes!!


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