Sunday, November 8, 2009

{the "L" word}

I try to refrain from expressing my love for inanimate objects. Seems kind of silly to use the same word to profess my affection for my living, breathing, human (that one's still debatable) husband as I do something that is unable to profess that same love back to me. However, there is no other word fitting for my feelings about this 3 pound piece of perfectly crafted foam covered in super soft minky fabric. I love you, Nap Nanny. Madelyn loves you too.
I love (there I go again with the "L" word...geez...) this picture below of Madelyn. It shows off her new found baby baldness. Check out the line on the side of her head! She has the old man bozo hair-do going on...
I do really enjoy (working on it...but I think "really enjoy" sounds a little cheesy) that picture. It makes me laugh. However, there are 2 pictures that like the Nap Nanny, I don't have another word to describe other than love. I mentioned yesterday that we had some pictures taken yesterday by an amazing (and talented) lady, Jana Ezernack. Tonight she posted 2 of the pics from yesterday's photo shoot! They are awesome! Check them out here on her blog! Let me know what you think (and let Jana know too by leaving a comment on her blog if you go take a look). I simply cannot wait until we get to see the rest of them!!



  1. The portraits are BEAUTIFUL! She is a very talented photographer and had such lovely subjects!!!! -Lori

  2. You are the sweetest thing EVER! I'm so glad you like them. Spending time with you all was the absolute highlight of my week! I can't wait for you to see the rest! (I'll try to hurry. :) )


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