Monday, November 9, 2009


I was SO excited about the pics Jana posted last night from our photo shoot that I totally forgot to mention that we are HOME! After nearly 3 weeks in the hospital with a few days at home mixed in, and then 3 weeks at my parent's house while our house dried out (got wet some more then dried out again x 3), we are finally at the strange and foreign land we like to call home. Madelyn is nearly 7 weeks old, and finally at home.

I have been telling myself for the last 2 weeks that once we would get to go home, I would get busy. That if I were at home I woulda been busy doing something productive. Busy sorting through the HUGE stack of mail filled junk, well wishes and bills that need to be paid. Busy with laundry. Busy with cleaning and freshening up (a house really gets musty after 6 weeks of emptiness and wet floors). Busy preparing meals for my wonderful hubby (something I have not been able to do in months). Busy writing very belated thank-you notes. Busy getting all of Madelyn's things settled. I had great plans to be busy this Monday morning.

It is 12:30pm and I have yet to get busy. And this was what most of my morning looked like. A peaceful, resting, beautiful baby girl.So I coulda been busy this Monday morning. No blaming my lazy, unproductive, far from busy self on the baby. Not this Monday morning.

I shoulda been busy. But, busy I was not.

Here is to a busy afternoon. No more woulda-coulda-shoulda at my house. Tonight I will tell you about my willa-ama-dida afternoon.



  1. Take it from those of us whose children are grown -- enjoy this time with Maddie and leave the housework for when she goes to college. That's why they make large sacks and closets with doors on them - to hide the clutter if someone is coming over. And remember that you're not exactly watching TV and eating bonbons all day, and you're not sleeping for 8 hours straight (or 6, or 4, or sometimes even 2 hours straight) at night. You have been going nonstop for 7 weeks.

    So sit back, relax when you can, and enjoy Maddie. You're already doing everything you should.

    Love, Nancy

  2. ALmost five years later (WOW - that's sounds so wierd!! That Nolan will be 5 in March!!) - I still do the "shoulda woulda coulda" daily!! ENJOY her while you can! God's greatest gift!!


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