Sunday, November 15, 2009

lunch date

**Note to self (I have had to write a lot of these lately): Must push 'publish post' in order for blog to be viewed'.**

The week that I found out I was having a girl a sweet (and probably equally excited friend) did some shopping for our princess. One of her finds were newborn size jeans. Oh.My.Goodness. I thought they were the absolute cutest things I had ever seen. Now that Madelyn finally chunked up enough to fit in them, it is confirmed. See for yourself...
I mean seriously. Who looks that good in jeans?? I remember all the nights trying to picture what she would look like in the clothes that were bought for her and the bows and onesies that I made. Never could I have imagined such a sweet little face of innocence. Never.

This afternoon we had a little lunch date with some special friends. Might I add that it is a special thing to have friends that are like family (and family that are your friends for that matter!). The Gaars are a dear family to us...especially this guy...Madelyn was pretty content hanging out in Ryan's arms. Good thing. I have a feeling they will get lots of hang out time in the future! Ryan was one of Luke's students in MM. Now he is a friend. It's fun how it works out like that.
It has been so hard not taking Madelyn out and showing off her sweet little face, especially because there are so many people that have shared so much of our journey that we would love for her to meet. I guess that's what makes days like today even more special. Days when she gets to meet a family that we know no matter where life's journey takes us, we will always be friends.
She loved getting talked to sweetly by Annette and had some funny expressions when Keith talked -er made noises like a cat was getting run over to her. Ha! It was quite comical.
Time is passing by too quickly. Madelyn has almost doubled her weight from the little 5 pounder that she was at her lowest point in the hospital. I just need time to stand still. I had someone tell me to make sure when she was born to take a moment to smell the sweet smell of a newborn life. I didn't really get that chance because she was taken away so quickly. Every day since, I have taken a moment(s) to breath deeply and smell the sweetness of each new day we are given.
Each day brings a new sweet smile or silly face. I love it. I love her.


  1. SO precious!! I have a feeling that this Thanksgiving is going to be one of the most memorable for ya'll!! God has truly blessed ya'll - as well as ya'll Him!! So looking forward to meeting and holding her!! I've held her (and her parents) close in my prayers that I'm sure she will be comfortable in my arms!!

  2. Oh, she is just so scrumptious! Yes, the newborn smell is wonderful, but really almost all of the smells of your own baby are just heavenly. I remember loving even the sour-ish milk smell on Alex's breath when he was tiny. Even now, I'll get close to his face as he sleeps so I can breathe in his breath. (Ok, that sounded a little Kuh-ray-zee right there, but I think the moms will understand, right? Please say yes.) These are the days that seem like years, and the weeks that pass like minutes. Savor every moment.

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! I was kinda jealous when Ryan told me he got to hang out with her for so long. I heard she is a sweetie. I am so glad things are going so good for you guys, God really is amazing! I hope you are enjoying every minute.
    Amanda Zavadil

  4. There are moments i wish i could pause in life. Everything is rush rush and go go! Our babies are growing so fast! I completely understand what you mean!


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