Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 Weeks

8 Weeks
56 Days
1,344 Hours
80,640 Minutes
Life. Breath. Joy.

Oh how I look forward to the "many more to come". I am in awe of how much she has grown. Every day seems to bring something new. Another smile. A new sound. Grabbing for new things. Is it possible that the first few weeks of her life seemed to crawl by? The days feeling as though they would never end? As if I would never get to bring my baby home? Now they seem to be a blur they go by so fast. How is that so?

Tomorrow morning Madelyn has the big "2 month check up"! I am not looking forward to her shots. I think it might just be harder for me than it will be for her. I am excited that she will more than likely get the discharge from the apnea monitor. She has gone several weeks without any type of episode so Luke and I have been using it less and less in preparation for it being taken away (especially during awake hours because of the yucky rash the belt gave her). I thought I would be a nervous wreck without her on it. God has protected my thoughts and constantly reminded me of His presence. If she is content in her swing, I am no longer scared to go get a drink or go to the bathroom. I have realized that those gut feelings you get as a mom are usually right. Thank goodness for guts.

Disclaimer RE above photos. Yes that is a BIG bow. Yes it was given to Madelyn by sweet friends for the future. Yes it was put on her head in the present. It went with the boots. That's my story and I am sticking to it (despite the fact that it appears her head is on the lean to the ahem big bow side). Sigh. It matched. What was I supposed to do? It was only worn for about 5 minutes. YIKES. Sorry Madelyn. Mommy promises to reserve this bow only for the future.

Except for the time she was awake and hamming it up for the camera, Madelyn slept a LOT last night and today.
She slept in the Nap Nanny all night long (and only woke up to feed 2 times between 11pm and 7am)! Then she snoozed more than usual the rest of the day. Being 8 weeks old is hard to do, but some body's got to do it.

This afternoon while my (amazing, wonderful, hunk of a man) hubby watched the rug rat, my mom and I went to the preview night of the Gresham Barn Sale- Christmas in the Country Style. Mom and I are always up for all things Christmas. It's how we roll. Ha. We got some neat one-of-a-kind finds (of which I will show you soon). Not to mention had fun looking at all things Christmas they had on display. New and old. Manufactured and handmade. It's a whimsical little shopping experience. If you are in the Tyler area you should definitely check it out. They are open Friday & Saturday too!

I just have to say, I have loved Luke for many years now. He has stolen my heart. BUT on the day we became one, there was nothing that would have prepared me for how much that love would continue to increase. I love him more each day. I love watching him in his new role as Dad to Madelyn Kate. No surprise here, he is simply amazing at it. Best friend. Dreamy husband. Amazing Dad. I am blessed. Madelyn is blessed.

The minute Luke and I found out we were expecting I thought, "I need a video camera". They are so pricey and everyone seems to be griping about theirs. So many (over priced) choices. If you ask your friends, most regret the choice they made. Luke kept telling me we needed to get a Flip video camera. I thought being the tech savvy man that he is, he just wanted it because it was the latest. I had my serious doubts about it...even on the day we gave in and purchased one. I have to say...he was right. It's awesome. Perfect for capturing our little peanut. I would venture to say it's a must have. Easy to use. Easy to download. Easy to share. Speaking of sharing...

My World Traveler of a sister, whom I have not seen in SIX MONTHS comes home on Monday. I cannot wait to see her. I cannot wait to introduce her to Madelyn. Did I mention she has been gone for SIX MONTHS? To make it even more special, Madelyn's Great Grandma is also flying in on Monday. This Thanksgiving will be so special.
We have so much for which we can give thanks.

Oh, and I have decided, based on the super sweet emails and kind comments on the last post to do a Turkey Day shirt tutorial post as well as a tutu-how-tu (yikes. that cheesiness surprised me too). I do have to warn you that I am no seamstress and that I just did my best based on a picture of a shirt that I wanted to try to make. Anyways, be looking for those by Saturday.


  1. She is beautiful!!!! So so sweet. I really need to come meet her. And Dana is sitting here by me continuously asking if we can watch baby Madelyn in her seat again and again! Miss you girl!

  2. I went and bought material yesterday! How funny! Im making both the kiddos one of them! Im glad your sister made it home safely, shes just going to fall head over heals for Maddie, like the rest of us!!

  3. Heeeeyyyy, you have a new masthead! :) (I usually read in my feedreader, so I don't always see the page design.)

    Hope the checkup went well, and I know you're so, so excited about the holiday with all of your family!

    And also? This line: "...I have loved Luke for many years now." Sweetest thing ever. EVER.


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