Monday, November 30, 2009

bullet style

Today I felt lazy. I have a messy house with "holiday hangover" of leftover dishes that need to be cleaned out, guest linens that need washing, trash that needs taken out, and lots of little things that need to find their homes again. Yet today, I was lazy. Lazy days call for lazy blogs. So here it's my lazy blog to continue my streak of a lazy day:
  • This morning my sister was changing Madelyn's diaper on my parent's couch. No sooner than she wiped Madelyn's cute little butt did she start pooping some more. Have no fear, it all landed on the dirty diaper. We laughed. Hysterically. Once Rachel regained her composure she began the wiping process again. More wiping brought with it more poop. This time we weren't so lucky. Fortunately I had thrown a blanket under her at the last minute so the couch was spared. The blanket however, was declared a casualty at best. There was poop everywhere and 4 laughing ladies that could hardly stop laughing long enough to save the child from it.
  • This afternoon we got word that our sweet friend Carol that I asked you to pray for in my previous post seemed to be responding a little to her toes being tickled. PRAISE THE LORD! The doctors have said that the first 72 hours are so very critical, so we are rejoicing in this small miracle and praying for many more! Come on, Carol! You can do it!
  • My Grandma made it safe and sound home to OKC. Why do airports change terminals at the last minute? I think this is silly.
  • Luke brought home Olive Garden for dinner. It was most excellent. I love Olive Garden. I saved my salad to have for lunch tomorrow so I will enjoy it's goodness two days in a row.
  • We watched the movie Up tonight. I actually did not make it until the end before dozing off, but I thought it was pretty cute. It does however seem as though I cannot escape references to or stories about people losing babies or sick babies. What is up with that? Why can't I even watch a DISNEY movie without having to be reminded of such things??
  • I am loving that Madelyn loves to smile. Her smile is sweet enough to melt your heart. All is right with the world when this little one is laying in your arms looking up at you and smiling. She's a gift, that's for sure.

Check out Madelyn's sweet smile...

and equally as cute cry...


  1. I am so glad to read that Carol is responding to some touches. I will continue to pray for her healing as well as comfort for her family and friends.
    Ya know what-lazy days are the best! There are things that can wait-however, spending time with a precious child cannot wait!! By the way-I LOVE the poop story, I cannot tell you how many times I had that happen to me!!

  2. We lost a bathroom rug in poop explosion like that!:) So glad to hear that Carol is doing better...I am praying. I really miss you and hope I can see you and Maddie Kate soon. Sounds like your first holiday with the little lady was wonderful. When I was pregnant with Karter and Kolson I was always dealing with fear...I memorized Psalm 112:7 "He will have no fear of bad news because his heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord."

  3. Glad you friend is responding to treatment. Just wait until Maddie starts giggling. It'll melt your heart for sure. What's more entertaining is seeing the lengths people will go to to keep her laughing.

  4. I just caught up on several of your posts that I missed during the busy holiday week. In reading your post about fear, I kept thinking of an old Caedmon's Call song that says, "My faith is like shifting sand, changed by every wave. My faith is like shifting sand so I stand on grace." Grace is sufficient--His grace brought me through my very worst fears in a way my own frail faith never could have done.
    I also really identify with the inability to escape references to infant loss. I was surprised by the scene in UP and also the one in Marley and Me. But it's a good thing in a way--for so long I felt like infant loss (common as it is) was largely ignored by media and culture, which made me wonder if I was the only one going through it.
    Keep us updated on your friend--so glad she's responding well!


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