Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When you are pregnant it is so easy to get a big fat case of the wants. There are so many "have-to-haves" (some that are pretty overrated when the baby actually gets here), but the one thing that I knew I wanted to try was some sort of baby wearing sling. But sometimes I am too cheap for my own good. So instead of spending $70+ on something that might not be all it's cracked up to be, I would just shop online...add it to my shopping cart at whatever site I was on that day...then exit before I had the chance to click the checkout button. Oh, and then sigh because I knew I really wanted one, but was too cheap to give it a try. Then Madelyn arrived. Every waking moment that we were in the hospital I longed to hold her close and never let go. I hated walking back to my room from the special care nursery. My heart broke every time. I was leaving a piece of me behind. One night at 2 am when I was piddling on the internet because I could not sleep and I knew that Madelyn needed her rest in the nursery in order to get better, I was checking my email and got an update from Green Baby Bargains (awesome website with daily deals). I was so excited that they had one of the baby slings I had looked at 423 times (no, that is not an exaggeration). So I ordered it. And I am so glad that I did.
I was not able to use it until just recently because honestly I was really afraid that it would make it harder for her to breath. But she loves it. And so do I. I love my baby wearing sling. This little girl usually loves bath time. This is her look of relief after I dried her off. Little did she know we still had to wash her hair. Fortunately she loves a good head rub!
I took Madelyn up to her room and let her sit in her crib for the first time today. She loved her bedding. Doesn't that face just scream, "Mom, you did good. My room is awesome!" ??? I thought so myself.
I think Madelyn and I will love Wednesday mornings. Luke goes in at lunch time on Wednesdays because he usually does not get home until 10pm from church and then hanging out with the senior high students. Makes for a fun morning at our house!
Good golly. Our little offspring is so stinkin' cute.
Tonight, since Maddie is still too young (and the flu is everywhere) to go to church, we came to hang out at my parent's house. I think this will be our Wednesday night hang out until we get to join Luke at church!


  1. she is a chub! We love to see her plumped up, snuggled up, and your smiling faces.
    Love you, Sharon

  2. Darling pics. And your landscape pic in your earlier blog was gorgeous. Glad things are going well. I'm sure your parents love Wednesday nights!


  3. I bought a cheapo carrier sling thingy & was terrified to put her in it. I think she knew that because everytime I tried she screamed!! Finally, I broke down & bought a Baby Bjorn and it was totally worth it!!! Sometimes you just have to spend the $$. I never used one like yours, but it's a lot more stylish than mine was. Enjoy your baby girl!!

  4. She is so cute! Oh my...she has grown so much. Can't wait to see you guys again.

  5. Oh, my GOSH! That black/white outfit is SO ADORABLE! You have such a darling girl! You are doing fabulous as a mommy! ;) --Reagan


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