Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Rough night. Even more rough day. Even still, I am grateful we even get the chance to have these rough days as I know how painfully close we were to missing out. For now, Madelyn is resting easy on my chest.

I read some simple words that a friend wrote today that really stuck out in my mind:

Love. Receive it. Share it.

Throughout the struggles Madelyn has had (and even just leading up to her arrival) Luke and I have been met with unbelievable love. At times it has been hard to accept it...especially when that little voice in our heads says that we are undeserving. However, those 5 words that a wise friend wrote today were a wonderful reminder that as we receive the love, help & flat out generosity of those around us (undeserving or not), we are then able to share it. Pay it forward in a sense.



  1. love that it touched you. we really hope to meet your gift of grace soon. :)

  2. Oh sweet friend, I am so sorry that Madelyn is having such a tough time w/ the reflux!! I pray that she - and ya'll - find some relief soon!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a great day!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MOMMA!!!! Hope your family has a peaceful day full of happy baby and sweet, restful scenes just like the picture.

    Love, Nancy

  4. So sorry that little Maddie is still having such a rough time. I know that is just awful to watch your baby hurt. I am praying that she will continue to mature and grow out of her reflux quickly!

  5. We are so amazed every time we read your blog at how God is blessing your family. Our God is a mighty God and in His time we will see Maddie grow and her reflux problems disappear. God has so much in store for you three in the years to come. For now the Gaars want you to enjoy your birthday and we are praying that God gives Maddie and you the rest you need. (Can you believe Keith is reading your blogs now. He was so excited to see Maddie in those Bunnie Shoes. I think he told us several times how cute she was in his shoes that he picked out.) Happy Birthday!! we love you the Gaars


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