Monday, November 2, 2009

Let me start off by saying that I am totally bummed that I cannot seem to figure out how to get the audio clip from yesterday's service to load on my previous post! When I finally figure it out (if that ever happens) I will post it again...until then you will just have to take my word that it was a really sweet moment.

Moving along...
it has been so fun for Madelyn getting to hang out with both of her grandmas under one roof. Luke joked that we might need a bell to ring when it's time for them to share Madelyn. I am happy to report the bell was unnecessary!

Madelyn got to wear one of her outfits I bought her while Luke and I were on our Target date Friday night! I love it. She makes it look even more cute...I put her doll next to her to take some pictures and I thought it was so cute how she put her little arm around it!

This little one was pretty tired today after a looooong night of reflux (not fun) so she took some really good naps. She also played* in her swing, took a nap on her belly on the floor and played* on her little floor mat.

*Play is a relative term here. When I say play I mean lay with feet kicking and eyes dancing around the room.

Even still, this little one was pooped after all that playing*.
When she wasn't playing or eating or catching up on her missed sleep, she was hanging out in Gigi's arms today...
Tonight we had some yummy birthday cake for Gigi & I (her birthday was the 23rd and mine is the 4th)...I am pretty sure her favorite present was getting to hold Maddie for 3 days!

Last night her reflux was so bad she was wide awake for hours. Then, just when she was about to fall asleep, you could hear the reflux as it happened and she would jolt. Sooo sad. Tonight will be better. I am sure of it!



  1. Sorry we can't yet hear Luke's song but I'm looking forward to it. And Maddie is such a fashion plate. What a doll! You are a very gifted photographer -- the Halloween card with her mouth forming the "O" was a darling idea.

    Hope tonight is a peaceful one for both of you -- I know that reflux isn't fun for any of you.

    Love, Nancy

  2. i will be praying for maddie abd her reflux, im an adult and when i had it pregnant i wanted to cry, i know it must be worse for her. love the outfit!!!

  3. Kat... LOVE THE OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!! Great pics. I am so glad you like to share via blog, it makes me feel a little closer to you and Miss Maddie. Love you! Rach

  4. The doll pic is super cute! =)

  5. i'm so sorry about madelyn's reflux. carlyle has reflux too and we have many "bad" nights and days. it seemed to be under control for awhile with meds, but now seems to be getting worse. it's so frustrating when mommy or daddy cant make it better. hoping things get better and miss madelyn feels better soon!


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