Tuesday, May 31, 2011

love these girls

 Motherhood. Jesus. Love for our husbands. Joy. Laughter. Craftiness.

And apparently a love for Mexican food!

I am so thankful to have walked through the last year with these amazing ladies. What a blessing to be spurred on to mother well, love those around us deeply and follow Christ wholeheartedly!

Weekend Wrap Up

  •  MK got in a few naps in Papa's arms. Please note, this would NEVER happen if I were the one holding her.
  •  MK had plenty of "tour guides" at the zoo.

  •  Luke and I went on a mini date to Starbucks while everyone hung out at the hotel. We wrapped it up with a quick trip to Joel Osteen's church. We are going to be rich! (heavy on the sarcasm)
  •  Some sweet little angel child pulled the fire alarm at 2am. It was hard to tell if it was real or a false alarm, but we made our way down the 7 flights of stairs in our PJ's with the rest of our near capacity 17 (plus) story downtown hotel. 30 minutes later the firemen arrived to take a 30 second look at the situation and give the all clear (sounds really reassuring, huh?). MK was wide eyed at this point, but it didn't take long for her to crash again.
  • The Children's Museum of Houston is rated #1 in the country for a reason. It's awesome!

  •  MK milked her first cow in the toddler only area of the museum. I'm one proud Mom. Ha!

  •  The hubs and I thumb wrestled. If he won, we would go browse a guitar store. If I won, I would get to wander around a wholesale fabric warehouse. I WON!!! That never really happens but I caught him off guard. Hello, Glick Textiles. Although I didn't buy anything, I had a.lot.of.fun.
  •  On our way out of the city, Luke experienced Freebirds for the very first time.
  • What a great weekend!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Houston Children's Museum

We spent Memorial Day at the Houston Children's Museum. I would venture to say that it is the number one place when visiting Houston to take children younger than 12. As a matter of fact, I think most of the adults had just as much fun as our sweet Madelyn. We will definitely be going back when we are in the area again!

Thank you for taking us Gigi and Papa!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel...

 and they're gonna get married!

Luke's baby sister "said yes" to her then boyfriend Michael last week when he asked her to marry him! We are excited and had fun celebrating with them at the hotel tonight. The timing was perfect (way to go Michael) for selfish reasons because we were all planning to spend a few days together in Houston anyways. Luke drove back in after church to be here!

I know it will be a fun and exciting year for them both as they plan to marry next summer! Congrats you two! We love you both!

The Houston Zoo

After spending three days with some great friends, Luke took MK and I to meet up with his family. We all met up for the three day weekend to have some fun and celebrate. Luke went back home so that he could be at church, but we enjoyed the awesome Houston Zoo while he was gone.
I am such a people watcher so I was a little distracted by all the zoo goers. I love to watch the way families interact when they don't think anyone is watching. I stood back and watched as everyone pointed out all the animals to Madelyn, held her up so that she could see and carried her when she was tired. I couldn't help but think that if there was another people watcher in the mix like myself, then they must have known that Madelyn was loved so much. Six adults. One wide eyed little girl. Having fun and enjoying time together.
MK was really in to the animals.
It was so hot, but didn't feel too bad because of all the trees providing shade.
Madelyn walked most of it with us until she started to crash. I don't blame her at all though, it was a big zoo!
My little monkey and I posing together. I think she enjoyed the monkeys and birds the best.

My favorite was the sweet baby elephant.
I think more than anything, she loved spending time with Gigi, Papa, Great Granny, Aunt Kenda and Michael. She knows how to say everyone's names now in the family. The whole way to the zoo she was saying Michael's name. The minute we were around him, she wouldn't even try. She was so shy!
Carousel ride number two of the weekend with Gigi!

Everyone had so much fun!

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