Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{20 Months} a day late

Dear Sweet Madelyn Kate,
I can hardly believe that you are only 4 months away from celebrating two years of life. The last 20 months have been magic. You are the most delightful little girl, with the sweetest personality. I am thankful that as your personality continues to develop, we are seeing a confident, caring, little girl emerge with equal parts sweet and sassy. I pray your outgoing spirit and love for people only continue to grow as you do.
You love to sing and dance (nothing new, really). It doesn't matter where we are or what kind of music it is, if it's on then you are dancing! I sing to you all day long (or try at least--I definitely am not gifted in that area! ha!) and you have picked up on some of those. Earlier this month as we were driving down the road you started singing, "Mommy's girl...Daddy's girl...Mommy's girl...". Your daddy and I were both speechless. It was one of the most precious sounds we've ever heard. 

Your language is developing so rapidly that it's hard to keep up. You say too many words to count and make new sentences all the time. One of my favorites is when you really want something, you throw in every word you know that makes it sound like a polite request. Like yesterday when you really wanted a Jelly Bean even though you hadn't pottied to earn one. You said, "More please Mommy. Thank you! You're welcome! Yes sir! Love you!". Oh's so stinking cute when you do that.

One sentence that is new this month is when you ask us to turn on the TV. I'm not much of a TV lover at all so we don't keep it on during the day. Just a few weeks ago you realized that you really like it. A few times a day you bring me the remote and ask, "TV (which sounds more like "yee-vee") turn on please, Mommy". You love to watch Leapfrog Letter Factory, The Dinosaur Train, The Backyardigans and Toy Story 3 (all on Netflix).

Another one of our favorite things you say is your name. When we ask you what your name is or someone in public does you proudly proclaim, "Maddie Kate!". It sounds so country...more like "Maddieeee Kaaaay". We are working on your last name, but it might take a couple of years. You also tell everyone that you are one and hold one finger up.

If I tried to list all the words you say, I know that I would fall short. Pretty much everything we say, you repeat. You often resort to calling Daddy and I by our first names if you want to get our attention. It's kind of funny, but we tell you that we aren't going to respond to that.
Your beautiful, dark hair is growing quickly. I don't really notice all the growth until I look back at pictures from the month before! Right now it is wild and sometimes in your face, but I can't bring myself to cut it.
Recently you have become possessive of your toys. I was thinking we might skip this phase, but no such luck. I know it's "developmentally appropriate", but hearing you say, "Maddie Kate's" then entire time your friends are trying to play with you is no fun. I am hoping this phase passes quickly. 

You have a mouth full of teeth and more on the way. Most days you love to brush them. Speaking of brushing, this month you have really started loving to brush my hair when I get out of the shower. I have to do a "pre-brush" of course to avoid having to cut the brush out when you take your turn. I love it and makes me so thankful that our first born is a sweet girl.

You are such a jewel to us, Madelyn Kate. We love you dearly and look forward to the days ahead!
Love you now and always,

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