Tuesday, May 10, 2011

spray park fun

We had a fun day at the park today. My mouth has been hurting really bad because my wisdom teeth are coming in and caused an infection in my jaw. It's been painful and I haven't wanted to do much. I knew I needed to get both of us out of the house or I would be whiny all day (which would lead to a whiny little girl as well!). So we spent the morning at the park (three plus hours!) and then went back again after nap time! I actually felt SO much better today as the antibiotics started working. It was a great day outside with my little munchkin!

I bought her this bathing suit last year at the end of the season. I thought a 2T would be perfect but it's still pretty big! Oh well, I'm sure it will fit great by the end of the summer.

How stinkin' cute is she??

Her post nap wardrobe change was just as cute as the first but fit much better! 

We had such a great day!

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