Monday, May 2, 2011

Loving on MeeMaw Fee

My Grandma is the greatest woman I know. She is strong, gentle, humble and caring. She never missed calling on a birthday, always sent cards, volunteered and served her church. She is aging (as we all are) and honestly it's difficult to watch as she is not able to do all that she used to. Despite that, she is still the woman that I wrote about in my fifth grade paper about heroes. She's still the woman who raised six children as a single mother after the death of my Grandpa. She is still the woman who took my cousins and I bowling during the summers and made us treat each other kindly while under her roof. She is still the woman who loves her church, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in such a pure and authentic way that it's almost impossible to describe with words.

So much of who she is can be seen in the eyes, heard on the lips and evidenced by the footprints of her family. She has and continues to make an impact on us all. I remember the day that Luke and I married. I remember looking over at her as she watched us with a big smile on her face. I vividly remember being thankful that Luke and I each had one of our grandmother's there to celebrate with us. I had that same feeling when Grandma came to Tyler for Thanksgiving after Madelyn was born. I was so thankful that Madelyn would get to spend time with her.

The best thing about this weekend was watching the two of them spend time together. Madelyn adores her MeeMaw Fee and I can't help but feel grateful for the time they get to spend together. I know it's a blessing to have grandparents in your life and even more special to be able to know your great-grandparents.

My Aunt Sharon pointed out that those hands have spent lots of time holding babies. So true. What a blessing to watch those hands as they held my sweet Madelyn.

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