Wednesday, May 4, 2011

baby steps

 When you have a child, I believe that you have to learn to slow down. Our pace of life drastically changed when Madelyn entered the world. While she was sick and in the hospital, nothing else crossed our minds except for her. I remember thinking as we walked through the doors that it was amazing how all the "things" that filled my day before seemed so urgent and important. For two weeks not one of them crept in or mattered. I went from being the girl that couldn't sit still for more than 10 minutes to one who actually enjoyed sitting at home all day with my baby in my arms. As she's gotten older, we may not sit as much but we are still learning to slow down. My days are filled with baby steps. Her stride isn't very long and her movements sometimes slow, but watching her accomplish the tasks on her own is worth it.

I know in a blink of an eye they won't be baby steps anymore. She will be running right past me! I am so thankful that God has used this little life to show us how to slow down and enjoy each moment.

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