Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday in Sienna Plantation

Usually when we travel, getting MK to fall asleep at night is not a problem. It's the staying asleep. Considering she wasn't in bed until after 10:30pm last night, I was thinking she was not going to sleep well at all in general. She's used to a cold, noisy fan and blackout curtains. Even though she only slept 10 hours compared to her normal 12 plus, she slept hard!! She loved their comfy guest bed and I loved the beautiful Pottery Barn Monogrammed pillows and bedding.

Nathan made us a yummy breakfast and MK enjoyed all of it.
While the boys were hanging out, checking out the area and going to lunch, Elise and I ventured out with the little ones for lunch in Sugar Land. We ate at this yummy restaurant, The Black Walnut. It was fantastic.
Madelyn loved spending the afternoon playing with Mac. She adores him and talked about "the baby" non stop.

While Mac was napping, we made a quick trip to Super Target! I could walk down every single aisle of Super Target just for fun. Despite that, we went with one thing in mind to buy...Wedding Magazines!! We were buying them as a gift for a special bride to be (more on that later).
Of course we tried on a few hats just for fun while we were there!
Madelyn finally napped on the way back to the house and for two GLORIOUS hours after we got there. She hadn't napped longer than 10 minutes in days!
I am not sure much compares in the world to the feeling of a sweet baby in your arms. I definitely soaked up every second of it. Mac feels like a newborn compared to our nearly two year old.

It was a fun Friday in Sienna Plantation.

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