Friday, February 1, 2013

our little book lover

This morning MK and I met some friends at Barnes and Noble for story time. Apparently they changed story time to Friday evenings instead of Friday mornings so there was no fun craft, story and snack. Madelyn did not even notice though. She plopped down with Pinkalicious and went on reading. Then she wanted me to read it to her. Followed by Emeraldalicious. Then she wanted to read books about snakes, so we did. Sometimes I think that she and I couldn't be more alike. Then she says that she wants to read about snakes and I realize we may not be as much alike as I thought.

I love her love for reading. We read about 10 books of her choosing and there were no fits when we didn't buy one to take home. It was great! Next week we are going to get our Tyler Public Library cards on Wednesday. I know that she will love checking out new books and bringing them home to read!

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