Tuesday, May 17, 2011

so many hats

Madelyn is all girl. She loves getting dressed up. She adores hats and begs for bows. One of her favorite past times is finding matches in her shoe drawers and putting them on. She puts them on herself, her babies and even tries to squeeze them on our feet. Lately her dress up hat collection has grown thanks to the dollar store and the dollar section at Target. She has a radar for hats. Once she spots it, the endless pleas for the hat commence. Our latest purchase is the $1 sombrero! Too bad we didn't have it for Cinco de Mayo.

Each hat has a story. Some only cost $1. One was a gift from a proud Papa the Easter before she was born. Another from a chic boutique in California. So many hats and such a sweet little girl to wear them all!

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  1. The picture of her in the pink hat with the sun in the left hand corner is beautiful! You are such a talented photographer!


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