Friday, November 20, 2009

{give it a shot}

Can I confess? (of course, Kathryn, it's your blog!) I have really, I mean reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy, dreaded today's doctor's visit for a number of reasons:
  1. 2 month check up = lots of shots
  2. lots of shots = my baby girl gets poked lots of times
  3. or does she? lots of shots = lots of decisions*
  4. we were going to find out if Madelyn had any true apnea episodes

    *I am a worrier by nature. I have been able to conquer this in mighty ways as I have grown in my relationship with the Lord, but for some reason I have had a strong feeling that I just could not shake no matter how hard I tried about looking in to what the best way to get Madelyn vaccinated is. Considering there are almost 3 times as many shots given as there were when I was vaccinated, I had some reservations about doing so many at once on this little one. I'd like to say I completely trust that it's not a bad thing at all, in any way, for such a small one to get so many things injected in them at once, but for some reason I don't. I don't really have good reasons, or medically proven research to back up my fears, I just had that pit of your stomach feeling that I needed to look into it more and concerns about how many more shots are given today versus 20 years ago. I know this is due to breakthroughs and such, just interesting to me. I know, call me crazy, but I was concerned about it. So I asked the doctor. Even though our pediatrician's office does offer a delayed vaccination schedule which spaces them out, after our conversation about the vaccinations I felt better about it. Dr. A said that his kids were all vaccinated on the normal schedule ((like 90% of kids in America)) so that was enough to calm most of my worries. Needless to say our lots of decisions that we made did lead to lots of shots. And I feel good about it and a little lot silly that I actually stressed about this so much. She even handled the shots like a champ. She cried for all of 30 seconds and a few minutes later was ready for pictures with her mommy...
    As for the apnea, Madelyn only had one true apnea event on the reading from October 29th. This was the night we were almost certain she had one. They can tell it is a true "event" when the low respirations are joined with low heart rate or bradicardia. My tummy got all rumbly when it was confirmed. Dr. A then said, "Now that we know this happened there are some questions. Was this reflux induced? Could it possibly have been a SIDS event? Most importantly, would she have started to breath again on her own had she not been stimulated?" The worst part about all the questions, is that there was no way to answer them. Need I remind you I am a recovering worrier? However, the week after this event is when we really noticed that her medicine seemed to be working. We do know that she has been apnea free for 3 weeks now. She is healthy. Thriving. If you met Madelyn today, you would not think she had such a hard start in life. Ultimately we all made the decision that it was time to come off of the monitor. There has not been one morning, day or night that I have not prayed that Madelyn's chest would continue to rise and fall as it should. We are confident that she has successfully cleared this hurdle in her journey. So here we are, monitor free!

    Other than that, we found out that Madelyn is growing, growing, growing. She is...drum roll please...10 pounds 13 ounces(50%) and 22 3/4 inches long(70%)! The doctor had no concerns about whether or not she was getting the nutrition that she needs. Ha!

    This afternoon the little peanut had a little bit of a fever from the shots. She was pretty pitiful and just lounged around for most of the day.
    Once she woke up this evening, she was bright eyed and playful...
When I look at this picture...
I laugh thinking about how I can vividly remember hiding pacis between my bed and the wall when I was little. Yes, I remember. Yes, when you get to the age where you actually can recall your memories you are probably too old to have a paci. Oh, the things I put my mother through. I have a lot to look forward to!

So I promised you a Turkey Day shirt tutorial. Then I found this one that is absolutely awesome! Just click here to see it! This tutorial says it better than I ever could! All you have to do to add the ribbon for the Turkey feathers is sew them to the shirt prior to placing the fabric down with the Steam a Seam. You will know what I am talking about after you look at the tutorial! Just give it a shot!

As for the tutu tutorial...I will post that later today!


  1. Alex (almost 4) has started to hide his desire for his paci from us. He knows he's too big for it, and we know it too. But he doesn't use it at daycare, and he doesn't use it in public--only at home when he's feeling more needy than usual (yes, I'm making excuses, and I'm not even sorry about it). Besides, I've never seen a kindergartner with one. So, I think I'm going to let him be. For now.

    (Also, a couple of years ago, there were some studies that indicated that a pacifier might actually help prevent SIDS by helping babies breath more rhythmically and regularly, or something like that. Of course, Al's not a baby at risk of SIDS anymore, but you might want to look that one up. :) )

    I'm glad sweet Madelyn had an easy time with her shots. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

  2. Mothers are suppose to worry that all i have to say! I think it was harder on Chris when Emory got her shots, i was the brave one at that time but with Dax, he's mommas lil boy and he has stole my heart so when it came time to get his shots i was a mess, i knew what to expect but it was still hard, he had a hard time with his shots he would just wake up with this cry that someone one just broke his little heart, its like he remembered! It was pitiful! But i know it was worth it.
    I am so happy Maddie is off that monitor but will pray for peace in yours and luke's hearts and mind because i know its gotta be tough for you not to have that monitor on her, thank goodness for the bed monitor!
    O by the way i made Emory and Daxton an turkey day shirt. I posted them under my mobile updates. Thanks for the idea, i hope you dont mind me making them! It was really fun and easy im going to make Dax some more onesies this weekend! I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend!

  3. You should check out "the vaccine book" by dr. sears. He goes through EACH vaccine and tells exactly what's in it and how it is made. He also tells "reasons TO get the vaccine" and "reasons NOT to get the vaccine" for each one. We have partially immunized Aiden since birth (No Hep B or Hep A, no Rotavirus and a few others we delayed or are delaying). I did ALL the research I could but this book is by far the best thing out there.

    It took some explaining to the Dr but after she realized I really HAD done all my research (and I explained to her I had a biology degree) she relented and admitted that a few (Hep A and Hep B) are not necessary unless you live in a high risk area (East Texas is not one).

    So if you still want to look into them really that book is the best :)

  4. YAY for being monitor free!!! Glad she handled the shots like the trooper she is!! They normally are harder on the mom than the babe!! Precious pics!!


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