Saturday, November 14, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

I can't get enough of these chunky little legs...
and big beautiful eyes.
Madelyn spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out with her amazing daddy. They played on the floor, snuggled close, took a nap or two, changed dirty diapers (more on that in a sec*) and had a relaxing daddy-daughter day.

*At one point this afternoon Luke sent me a text message letting me know he had just changed the biggest, nastiest diaper ever. Followed by, a WOW! It made me laugh thinking of him changing that diaper and telling his 9 lb. baby girl how gross it was. At least for now they don't stink too much :)
Where was I when all this fun was taking place?

Mistletoe & Magic, of course. It's the Junior League of Tyler's "Holiday Shopping Extravaganza". If you are not already in the holiday spirit this is sure to take you there. It's become an annual thing for mom and I. We love to walk through and look at all the boutiques, taste test the yummy treats and shop of course. This year it was even more fun shopping, considering I have the cutest little person ever to shop for. Here are a few of my favorite things from this year's M & M:
  • Texas Trash is a custom blend of cereals and pretzels mixed with fancy pecans drenched in a creamy white chocolate flavored coating. Of course there are tons of recipes online to make this at home, but trust me...none compare to Susie's South Forty's. This stuff is amazing (which is why it is an annual buy at M & M for me). They always have specials so you can buy some to share and one to keep -er eat. I just discovered you can order it online. Oh no.
  • Cherith Valley Garden's Corn Relish -just typing about it makes me want to go get the big hunkin' jar I bought of it out of the fridge, mix it with a little sour cream, and dig in with some tortilla chips.
  • Company's Coming Dinner-In-A-Jiffy bags are delicious, have all the extra ingredients you will need right on the outside of the bag and cook up, a jiffy. I have tried 5 or 6 of the casseroles and a couple of the pies and they have all been so yummy. They make great gifts too!Ok...I realize so far all my favs have been edible. I promise there is more to this holiday extravaganza than just the food (Note to self: next year eat lunch before you head out to M & M).

  • I thought these Hot Mama Aprons were super cute and super functional. The bottom flap of the apron is made from a towel! Maybe when Maddie gets a little older I will order us matching Hot Mama aprons!
  • Barbara J. Sims Designer Pillows are for those of us who have $895 (no, I did not leave out the decimal!) to drop on one incredibly gorgeous, monogrammed pillow made from antique Aubusson fabric. Unfortunately I don't fall in to the "those of us" category so needless to say, I did not get to bring one of these home with me. There's always next year...ha!
  • Minky Dink Designs had the cutest pillowcase and blanket travel sets at a really great show price. Madelyn's crib bedding blanket and the Nap Nanny cover are made out of minky fabric. It's amazingly soft and has a very luxurious feel to it!
  • Bunnies and Bows has a big selection of personlizable pillow cases but the reason they are on my favorite things list is because of their Tooth Fairy Pillows. The little square pillow, which can also be personalized, has a cute little pocket to safely store the tooth and collect the $$ the tooth fairy leaves behind.
  • Prissy Pants out of Brenham, TX had the cutest holiday sets for little girls. Unfortunately the majority of the children's boutiques did not have websites, but you will get to see the 3 cousins sporting some soon thanks to Grandma! I also bought Madelyn some super sweet flower bows. They are small and dainty and can even be clipped on to the middle of a larger bow!
  • Paper & Polka Dots had the cutest custom outfits. So frilly and girly and I cannot wait to order one for my princess. Can we say splurge?? The good thing is they are 3 pieces that can be used individually, 2 at a time or all together: a tank top dress, long sleeve undershirt and pants!

    These are just a few of my favorite things from this year's Mistletoe & Magic! What are some of your favorite finds??

    P.S. Thanks Mister for letting me go!


  1. I'm so fun is it to go there?! You made me hungry by the way...I love corn relish and want to try the Texas Trash. Have a great week!

  2. Looks like Maddie is going to be so stylish....o f course what girl shouldnt be! I must say ive never been to M&M, might have to make a trip next year!!

  3. I love those food things too! That Southern Forty Company makes really yummy pecan brittle too that you store in the freezer...yum! I'm jealous I missed out on M&M this year. Looks like you had a good time and of course got some adorable finds for Maddie! Happy early Thanksgiving! God Bless! -Brittany Yeargain-

  4. I have my frozen toffee from Southern Forty Company in the freezer now! And I bought the cutest necklace ever. Ever. I'm trying to plan an outfit for the week so that I can make a proper debut for the necklace!


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