Monday, November 23, 2009

She's baaaack!

This afternoon Luke came home early from work so that he and I could get our H1N1 shots. Before we headed out, he and Madelyn snuggled up for a few so I could take a shower! Madelyn loves hanging out with her daddy. She is definitely already a daddy's girl and that's OK with Luke...After trying to get the shot through our primary care doctor and being told it would be MARCH before we could get in, my sister-in-law suggested we call the health department since Madelyn is considered high risk. Not only did they have shots for us to get, they were fast and free! We were in and out in 20 minutes! Hopefully this means our house will remain flu free this year!

Tonight everyone gathered at our house to welcome Rachel and Grandma! My mom and Emily drove to Dallas to pick them both up from the airport but before they got there, Marlo had to get her "aunt fix" and hold Madelyn...
I know this looks a little crazy, but Madelyn loves to be held this way. I don't know whether it is because it's easier on her reflux or she just likes the view, but it almost always puts her to sleep or calms her down if she is fussy. Check out those sweet cheeks...
She's baaaack! I know Rachel has been waiting for this day since September 24th.
Check out that tan...I am not sure if it's just dirt from the dessert or just a hard core tan from hanging out in Egypt and Africa for 6 months, but whatever it is this pale girl that hasn't seen the sun in just about as long is really jealous!
And then it was Great Grandma's turn with the little sweetie...
I had to jump in for a picture with Grandma and the little munchkin...
Before the week is over we are going to have to get a picture just like this with my mom in it. Four generations. Madelyn and I are so blessed to have two amazing women in our lives.
This picture takes my breath away. My Grandma is by far the strongest woman I have ever met and I am so excited that she and Madelyn are going to get to hang out this week.
Rachel soaked up every minute with her nieces.
She and Emily tried so hard to get Madelyn to smile.
Success? Yes, I think so...
Just the girls...
The hunt is over for the perfect ornament thanks to my Grandma. She brought us this one...
We now have our first little family of 3 ornament and this sweet "Baby's First Christmas" one to go along with it...
I am so thankful that Rachel and Grandma made it here safe. Later this week Madelyn's Great Granny (Luke's Grandma), along with her Gigi and Papa will be here for Thanksgiving. One thing's for sure, she will get lots of hugs and kisses this week. I look forward to a Thanksgiving week of celebrating family. You can look forward to a week with LOTS of pictures.

I had to post this little clip of Allison dancing. Emily taught her well.


  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

    Love, Nancy

  2. I love the family pictures! I LOVE the one where your Grandma's finger is being held by Madelyn. That is just beautiful. I miss my Grandma so much, but can't wait to see her again in Heaven....Emma is a firecracker just like Grandma was, so I know there is a lot of Great-Grandma in her!! I am so glad you are able to spend time with your family since you haven't seen them in so long! Lots of wonderful memories to come!

  3. I am so glad Rachel FINALLY made it home! I am a little jealous of her tan too! The pictures of Maddie with your grandma are priceless. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving with sweet Madelyn Kate! Sorry I didn't get to call you phone is being crazy so I have to take it in. Talk to you soon!

  4. What a great day! The memories are captured for us to see, but I know they are even better for you guys in your hearts. How special! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. You know what I see?
    In those first 2 pics of Madelyn & Luke, I totally see YOU in her eyes/smile. Oh yes, she is all you, Kathryn! A total clone!


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