Thursday, November 12, 2009

[7 weeks]

Can you believe this princess is 7 weeks old today??
Right now she is curled up tight in a tiny little ball sleeping on my chest. I can't help but think of a line from a song by Bebo Norman that some dear friends of ours sang for us on our wedding day. It was true that day. It has been true every day since then. And is even more real to me today than it has ever been.

"There is no secret
to the source of this much life"

Moments like this make me wonder how some choose not to believe. Moments with this precious life laying peacefully on my chest, drawing breaths that even just 5 weeks ago were hard for her to take, only solidify God's presence in my life. And in these last 7 weeks He has sure made His presence known. There truly is no secret to the source of this much life.

Today the little peanut seemed to have an upset tummy. She still had a pretty good day, just needed some more cuddle time from her mommy than she has been requiring in the last few days. And that was just fine with me. Frankly, it has been strange going from needing to be held literally 24 hours a day to the Miss Independent enjoying her Nap Nanny, swing and bouncy seat for hours each day!

This afternoon we read some more books together. I think this is becoming my favorite part of the day...
I love that she actually looks at the books! It makes my heart happy.
I put her in her first Christmas outfit of the season. the season may not have exactly started yet...but it has at our house! "Daddy's Favorite Present" looked super cute in her red, green and white.

Tomorrow they are coming to download the information off of her apnea monitor for the doctor to review. We are praying for no true apnea occurrences so that we can say goodbye to the monitor for good!


  1. We had a friend sing that Bebo Normam song at our wedding also!!! Love, love, love that song. Makes me cry EVERY time I hear it.
    Maddie looks so cute in her Christmas outfit. Praying for no true apnea for Maddie Kate!!!

  2. Good luck i hope she gets a clean bill of health, i will be praying for yall!!

  3. Let us know how it turns out, we are praying! She looks SUPER CUTE in her outfit!!

  4. She looks beautiful in red. I love the little grin she has in the middle pic -- obviously, she loves to read!

    Love, Nancy

  5. Love the pictures of you two reading together! So sweet
    Love, Beth


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