Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 5

Today has been such a great day for our little girl. This morning we were able to syringe feed her for the first time! It was so great to be a part of feeding her!! The first feeding went SO well! She's a good little eater. She has had 2 more feedings since then and she has eaten well at those too. She falls asleep between sucks...ha! SO precious. SO frustrating. But I am just glad she is eating. The upside to falling asleep between sucks...the longer the feeding takes, the longer I get to hold her!

The doctor came in right after her second feeding this morning and spent some time talking with Luke & I. He is still saying that it is a combination of premature lungs and pneumonia. He is just a little perplexed as to where she would have gotten the pneumonia since I have not had any symptoms that would lead him to believe she got it from me. At this point, Luke and I are not too concerned about what it is because what it is starting to become "what it was". Her biliruben count was down to the normal range so our glow worm was able to come out from under the "baby tanning bed". Her skin color looks great and they will recheck this count tomorrow to make sure she is maintaining a normal count. They did not do another x-ray today due to the fact that she has been making so much progress. The doctor said that they will do one if she regresses but if not wait until closer to discharge just to make sure the pneumonia is gone. He decided to take her off the oxygen and just push room air through the nasal cannula. After about 30 minutes off of the oxygen her O2 saturation dropped down to 80%. She was then placed back on the oxygen. They are going to try to slowly ween her off, as she is only on a minimal amount. She is doing great so far with the weening. The doctor said that once she is weened completely off the oxygen they will work to ween her off the nasal cannula completely. Once she proves she can handle room air (without it being "pushed in") she will be able to be with us in our room until discharge. She will continue the antibiotics via IV until Thursday and at that point, if her breathing is under control, the only thing that would keep us here longer is establishing feeding. Speaking of feeding, the doctor also said that we can try to nurse up to 3 times a day and alternate with the syringe. We have to make sure she gets the nourishment and maintains her breathing at the same time. Overall, she is looking great and there is an end in sight!!

It was such a joy to get to hold her close so much today AND the day is not over yet!!! Not only have Luke and I gotten to hold her, our moms have too! They helped with her 3rd feeding while Luke and I took a nap. From what I hear, they bribed her to open her mouth and eat. I can only imagine the things she was promised. Two the same time...we have some major damage control to take care of tonight :)

There are so many more thoughts that I want to share. So many things that I want to say. For now, I will just share some of the pictures from today. I think we may submit these pictures to the Guinness Book of World Records for the "most photographed 5 day old baby"!!

Today also brought something that this bow making mommy has been waiting since Thursday to be able to do...check out Madelyn's pink bow that I made her...

And these are just my favorites!

I look at that sweet little face, thinking about how less than a week ago I was posting about how she was wiggling around inside of fascinates me in a way that I can't even begin to describe. I am in awe of God's love with His perfect design. How could you witness such a thing as this, and not believe??



  1. What a wonderful day-what beautiful pics of everyone, happy to be holding your sweetie!Love you,Sharon

  2. I love the last picture on the post! She is just beautiful!

  3. Wow! Our God is so amazing, those pictures are just heart warming. I love the grandparent pictures,and the one of you in green...two beautiful ladies, I'm sure they can get whatever they want from Daddy. I am just so thankful that she is doing so much better! PRAISE BE TO THE FATHER!

  4. Yall are such amazing people. What a witness you are to so many people. I am praying for your family. Our church family is too! I know one thing for sure God does answer prayers as we are seeing already. You are going to be such a great mom.

  5. Precious little thing! I love these pictures. Thank you for letting us all walk through these days with you. I'll keep praying. I'm so glad you got in a nap today while the grandmas took care of feeding your little lady. I'm glad you're taking care of yourselves, too!

  6. Seeing you guys able to hold her and feed her brought tears to my eyes. She is so beautiful!! Holy is the Lord!!!!

  7. What a doll!! And Maddie is cute too! Seriously, she is beautiful and I'm so glad that you're getting to cuddle so much. I'm also delighted the grandparents are finally getting to start spoiling her!

    Thanks for all the pics, and enjoy your little sweetie.


  8. Kathryn and Luke,
    We just heard about the difficulties you have had with your beautiful baby girl. We are so thankful to God that He has stabilized her and you are getting to spend so much time with her. We know you will be incredible parents and look forward to seeing how He uses you both and Madelyn for His glory in the future. I hope it is okay if we pray for all of you right now.
    We come before you at this moment to offer praise and adoration for the healing power that you have and most of all that you have chosen to use that power to strengthen little Madelyn. We ask now that you continue to heal her body in such a way that it can only be said that it was a miracle from you. Lord, please give Luke and Kathryn the strength they will need to get through the next few days and weeks. Give them much needed rest. I thank you God that they have family around them that are so helpful. Bless this family and use them to further your kingdom. In the name of your precious son, Jesus. Amen.
    Joe and Pam Heath


  10. We know Shorty and Glenna!
    Your family even in the midst of trial just glows! Madelyn is sooo beautiful! I admire your
    strength and courage! God is able! He is the Great Healer!
    Love, Bill and Deane


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