Friday, September 25, 2009


Madelyn seemed to be doing quite a bit better. The doctor came in this morning with a good report. He was a little surprised that she was able to come off the oxygen before she stopped breathing so rapidly. Although it is normally the other way around, he did not seemed too concerned about it. He did mention that she has a spot on her lungs that showed up more on the x-rays today. The radiologist reported that it appeared to be pneumonia. Her pediatrician was not convinced that it was and said it could possibly be an area of deflation. He was going to wait for the next round of x-rays to determine that. After he left this morning, things began to change. She was able to be off of the oxygen for almost 12 hours, but at the same time was still breathing very fast. Although she was not breathing near as fast as she had been early in the day yesterday, she started showing signs of fatigue. She began struggling again to breath and her chest retracting around 10am this morning. She is now back under the hood on about 40% oxygen. I know that she will be Ok...she is definitely a strong little girl. It is just so hard to watch her little chest pump so hard. It's now 1:25pm and we are just waiting for the doctor to come in to give us the "where do we go from here" update.

Before she started struggling, Luke got the chance to hold her for the first time. It was a sweet moment between a daddy and his girl...*Kathryn


  1. The pictures are just precious! We're all thinking of you and praying for you. Maddie's already shown us what a little fighter she is -- I'm looking forward to her getting past this quickly and going home with her sweet parents!


  2. I remembered today to stop by your blog, since last week during the Kelly's Korner blog hop you mentioned you were so close to meeting your little girl. Congratulations! She is just so precious. I love how her doll is almost as big as her!

    I'm praying for strength for Madelyn, and for your family and the doctors, so that they can support Madelyn and get her home soon.

    Congratulations again, I'm so glad I came back to see how you were doing!

  3. She is soo beautiful just like her mommy.. WE are praying for you all. God is in control.. I think she is definately a fighter. Congratulations and you both are wonderful parents!!


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