Thursday, September 10, 2009

it's official

Our doctor's office called this morning and said there had been some cancellations and that we could come in at 1:30 instead of 3:40 if we'd like. Awesome, right? We did not leave until well after 4! She was super busy today! So we found ways to entertain ourselves while I was hooked up for the weekly NST and we waited. Luke read up on good parenting skills...

and then enjoyed a nice paper ice cream cone...
The doctor officially decided today that we will be having a cesarean section in exactly 2 weeks! Madelyn is still breech and because of the way she has positioned herself, the doctor finds it highly unlikely that she will be able to make the turn. She did another ultrasound today and thankfully she was facing out so we were able to see her sweet face. She has chubby cheeks and a cute little nose! We were not able to get any good pictures of her because she was moving all over the place. She does not seem to like to have her picture taken! We will work on that soon enough! The doctor was not at all concerned about my heart rate or blood pressure and said that it is normal in late pregnancy to see a "rising trend" as long as it stays within certain limits. That was a relief. She also told me that getting up and around a little more would help, because if I am collecting fluids in my legs from the bed rest it would cause both of those to rise. We scheduled what is quite possibly our last prenatal doctor's visit for next Friday! If all goes well on Friday, we won't see the doctor until surgery time.

On our way to the office today I zoned out for a minute. Luke asked me what was wrong and all I could do was smile. I am truly in awe that God is giving us this little life to look after and enjoy. She has taught us so much already. Psalm 126:3 has come to mind a lot lately..."The Lord has done great things with us and we are filled with joy".

My husband makes me laugh constantly. He refers to Madelyn as "our little gift from God". Whenever we talk about doctor's bills or baby items that we need to buy, he starts talking to Madelyn in the classic "baby talk voice" and tickles at my belly..."You little precious gift from God. You're an expensive little thing. You're the most expensive gift I have ever been given." I know that it is MUCH funnier to hear it in person, but you will have to take my word for's funny!

Tonight Luke went out to the church to work on the new student ministry building! I have not seen it since it was just a frame, so I am anxious to get out there and see all of the progress. He dropped me off at my parent's house on his way out to the church so that I could hang out with my family and this little cutie...She walked around for a little while, so that was super fun to see. She is so precious and seems to love all things musical. She danced and laughed and played until she was too tired to play anymore. I look forward to the day that Madelyn and her cousins have girls nights at Grandma's house! That was one of my favorite memories from summertime at my Grandma's house...all the grandkids packed in for sleepovers! So fun!


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