Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here is one of the korker bows I made yesterday. These are super easy and super cute! They are definitely my new favorite bow to make! I have to keep up the bow making now that I know Madelyn has a head full of hair to clip them on to...Watching the news the last couple of days about hurricane Jimena as it headed towards the coast of the Baja California Peninsula brought back memories of our honeymoon 2 years ago to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The morning after our wedding, we flew out of Dallas to the beautiful resort town! Upon arrival we located our shuttle that would take us, along with a few other couples to our hotels. Everyone started asking where the others were staying, making small talk, and discussing their plans for their stay when one of the men said, "We planned our fishing trip for today so we could be sure to get it in before the hurricane makes landfall." Did he just say hurricane?? The entire van had apparently been following the latest weather updates and knew that at some point throughout our stay a hurricane was headed straight for us! Apparently Luke and I were busy getting married or something fun like that and checking Mexico's weather forecast was the furthest thing from our minds! Everyone seemed pretty calm about the whole situation, but Luke and I were pretty curious about this hurricane they were talking about.

We made it to our hotel and this was the view from our balcony...
It was sooo beautiful! And life seemed to be going on as normal around us! We ate a semi early dinner at the restaurant on the beach and were so exhausted we went back to our room and slept for the next 16 hours straight! We ordered room service, hung out in our awesome room and eventually decided that we would venture out along the beach and find somewhere to eat for dinner. We walked along the beach, enjoyed each other's company, and eventually realized that we were the only ones on the beach. We made it down to the marina, which was also very empty, and found a restaurant that looked yummy! Dinner was so good, but before we had time to finish it, the chandelier at the top of the stairs started swaying, the doors started opening on their own, and the workers began to shutter up all of the windows. Oh yeah, didn't they say something about a hurricane? We thought it might be a good idea to skip the 30 minute walk back down the beach and catch a cab back to the hotel. The hotel had posted a bulletin update in the lobby and sure enough, hurricane Henriette was expected to make landfall at some point throughout the night and into the next day! To the room with us! We put on comfy clothes and sought shelter with pillows and blankets in the bath tub...Ok, so we really didn't seek shelter in the bathtub...these pics were just for fun! But we did settle in for 2 days of spectacular storms and views of waves crashing onto our hotel's deck after swallowing at least 20 yards of beach that once stood between the water and our resort. Besides trying to keep the water out of our room...
and dealing with no really just seemed like a bad storm. The day after the storm passed, the streets were flooded and the blue crisp waters were completely brown.
Luckily we were there for 3 more days so we had plenty of time to take in the sites and the water even cleared up enough to take a snorkeling trip!Although hurricane Jimena was headed straight for Cabo as a category 4, I think the latest news update said it missed our special honeymoon spot as it weakened and moved inland!

I cannot wait to visit Cabo again, as a family of 3, but this time we may just have to bypass hurricane season completely!


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