Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh Madelyn

All week long I have been talking about how I couldn't wait to see our little girl's face on the ultrasound today...I guess we will just have to wait 3 more weeks to see her face! Not only was Madelyn breech, she was facing my back and refused to cooperate for pictures! She is going to have to get over being camera shy, because this mommy has her camera ready at all time! The first words out of the ultrasound tech's mouth were, "Look at ALL that hair!!". That's right, it's so long you could see it sticking off the top of her head! The picture below is looking down at the top of her head. Where the little cursor is you can see like a little white line that seems to go around her head...that's all the hair hanging off!Ok, so I realize that you are looking at this next picture trying to make it out. Luckily it is labeled "fist" for all those who can't see that it is her arm and she has her hand curled up in to a fist. Before I go any further I have to tell you that at this point the tech kept prodding at Maddie so she would move in order to get the pictures she needed. That being said...if you have had kids and know how to look at close attention to her fist...especially a certain finger! I think she was a little irritated after being poked and jabbed. Uh-oh! Luke and I laughed soooo hard when we saw this!After getting all the measurements we found out that Madelyn is looking really good! She is measuring big in some areas and small in some areas but overall she is measuring at 35 weeks 4 days! Almost 2 weeks ahead! This would really probably scare me if we were not delivering early, but it calms my fears that she would be too small in a few weeks! She weighed 5 lbs 3 oz and was about 19 inches long! The doctor confirmed that we will deliver on Thursday September 24th...but she won't decide on what method until the few days before most likely. 3 more weeks! I cannot wait to hold her!

I am in love with all things that are personalized! I LOVE seeing Madelyn's name on all her little things so I thought I would share some of the cute gifts that we have received for Miss Madelyn that bear her name!
These are the letters hanging on the wall in her room. My sister-in-law made these with wooden letters, scrapbook paper, and mod podge! Super crafty, huh?These are the bibs that my Aunt and Cousin had made! They are already packed in her diaper bag for our trip to the hospital...
This is the door hanger I made for Madelyn after seeing one for sale on someone's blog! Not quite as cute as theirs, but I think it turned out Ok.
Madelyn's "jersey" bearing her soccer nickname...Mad Kat! Love it!
Sweet little tag rubbies that can clip on to the car seat or stroller...such a good idea!
I found this at Lifeway while I was looking for one for my niece and HAD to buy it! It says her name throughout the songs. There are tons of CD's to choose from here.
Pacifiers from a friend from school! How cute are these? She got them from!
These match the tag rubbies that are up ^ there!
Bloomers that some friends had made. They even gave her a bow with ladybugs on it to match!
I love all these bright colors!!
This tile is so neat and just my style :) It's already found it's home on Madelyn's hutch in her room!
I know what you are thinking...where did those come from?? An amazingly talented friend in Martin's Mill made these for our little girl! There are more but for the sake of being able to see them in the pic, I just picked out 5! I LOVE these and only wish I was that talented! So special!

I am trying out my hand at "korker bows" (you know the cute curly bows?)! You wrap the ribbon around dowel rods and bake it in the oven to get the curled effect! Mine are baking at the moment...but I will share pics whenever they are finished (good or bad)!


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  1. I love everything! I am anxious to see how the korkers come out. I have been thinking that might be my next project too.


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